GAME OF THRONES | Comic Con 2017 Full Panel (Sophie Turner, Isaac Hempstead Wright)

Watch the Full Panel for “Game of Thrones” from the 2017 San Diego Comic Con with Sophie Turner, Isaac Hempstead Wright, Alfie Allen, Jacob Anderson, John Bradley, Gwendoline Christie, Liam Cunningham, Nathalie Emmanuel & Conleth Hill.

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I did not record any of the video footage shown by the studio as it is prohibited.

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20 thoughts on “GAME OF THRONES | Comic Con 2017 Full Panel (Sophie Turner, Isaac Hempstead Wright)”

  1. AXEL VISSERS says:

    blue lipstick ? that's … strange

  2. Cokeman says:

    Why does Brienne have to make everything about being a fucking woman? We get it.. you're female ;/ wuptifreakindu.

  3. I think hodor is coming back either as a zombie or alive beacause he's still with the cast members.

  4. Nooooio! That was hilarious

  5. Valeria says:


  6. luibros says:

    Great answer Ser Davos, great answer!!

  7. Adam W says:

    Unbelievable, these panels used to be forty five minutes to an hour! Now the tickets are more expensive, harder to get, it's harder to get into these panels then ever! Things should be getting better at Comic-Con not worse!

  8. Heads up people, Ser Davos is just about to meet his favorite red priestess. If what Liam's said is true, than there'll be some blood spilled in no time.

  9. I LOVE LIAM SO MUCH!!!! Sir Davos is one of the best characters

  10. Nathalie's boobies in episode 2 tho.

  11. Is it just me or is this shit freaking awkward and boring without the series creators? The actor, Christian, really needs to get over it and leave Isaac alone. That shit is awkward as fuck.

  12. shamona1988 says:

    Theon has PTSD that's why I can't really blame him for what he did in last night's episode even though the whole time in was saying WTF THEON NOOOOOOOOO!!

  13. Chris Mcadam says:

    So pleased for Nathalie…going from something like a teen soap like Hollyoaks to Game of Thrones is amazing….so talented

  14. i was expecting Emilia clarke 😡😨😨

  15. Why didn't anyone ask if Hodor was coming back as a wight?!?!?!?? Or if Sansa was now the new Cersei???? Instead, we get the same old boring questions.

  16. Mila Ocando says:

    I need Hey Arnold Panel from this year where I can find it? Thanks!!

  17. Netrin Gotam says:

    we all need subtitles for this panel. smtimes its really hard to understand what they are talking about

  18. bloody love this cast omg

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