Friday 13th Game Review (PC) – Worthabuy?

Jason is back! Jason Voorhees is unleashed and stalking the grounds of Camp Crystal Lake!

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18 thoughts on “Friday 13th Game Review (PC) – Worthabuy?”

  1. BooN Gamer says:

    i got this day of release and refunded because of keybinds, i hated them. it didnt stop me watching others play so a few weeks later i picked dummy up brushed it off and got it again. im so glad i did, its been great fun playing. i had a couple of movie style endings myself. one was so funny it was like Abbot and Costello meet Jason. we should never have made it out but luck was really on our side. there have been some piss poor games as well because Jason is crazy op. i wouldn't want it any other way because when it goes right the game is amazing. i dont like playing Jason but once single player is released i will work out my game strategy first. the price wont seem so bad if the single player is pulled off well. all in all this game wasn't worth a buy but was worth a re-buy for me.

  2. Friday the 13th is a $40 game that functions like a $10 game and has $10 worth of content. 3 maps, no story mode or single player mode, poor matchmaking, tons of bugs that have yet to be resolved, no punishment for exploiters and cheaters. Did I mention that this game runs off of peer to peer connection with no host migration and has no dedicated servers? It really makes you wonder where all that crowdfunded money went into.

  3. meme asian says:

    honestly, despite all the flaws. i fucking love this game. its such a laugh chopping blyat bois up.

  4. Andy D says:

    The running is comedy gold.

  5. 1Ryan4 says:

    your funniest video yet

  6. causerDAguv says:

    This game is way better than DBD.

  7. Xxrage yo says:

    Review aside I still love this game :)

  8. gojira1738 says:

    yea that Russian part is really true

  9. Tom Myers says:

    Jason never ran in any of those movies.

  10. Gavin Morrow says:

    I hope that these videos aren't all scripted and the stuff like "contacted Scottie on the starship enterprise" at 9:30 is just off the top hahaha that killed me.

  11. I putted a like just for the Russia accent hahaha

  12. I don't see the point in the game…you cant kill Jason…or can you?

  13. Hi mack .
    the outro song??? pls

  14. I dunno man… some of these games, they need these abilities. But perhaps they should have been a lot more refined. For example, in the movies, Jason has this strange ability to show up out of nowhere. He just pops up. If he couldn't teleport, what would you do to give him that ability? He's a character that is supposed to have this sort of supernatural quality to him.

  15. dead by daylight skin/clone

  16. jackwhite333 says:

    he he funny as fuck

  17. I think the developers spent more time modelling the girls asses than the facial animations lol. Surprised not see the SJW's and feminists crying about those booty shorts on one of the characters I watched on livestreams of this. I subscribed man this review had me rollin

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