Free PlayStation Plus Games Revealed & Destiny 2 Made Easier! – GS News Roundup

Bungie address feedback about a difficult section from the Destiny 2 beta, and The Sims 4 is coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One!

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20 thoughts on “Free PlayStation Plus Games Revealed & Destiny 2 Made Easier! – GS News Roundup”

  1. GameSpot says:

    Did you get got by the turbines in the Destiny 2 beta? I'll admit, they got me more times than I wanted them to.

  2. MrSean2106 says:

    Of course Just Cause 3 goes free now that I've bought and beat it

  3. The sexual tension is strong

  4. Karl Long says:

    I never played the beta however i am enjoying path of exile beta its Diablo but with some minor tweaks 👍👍

  5. A Morgan says:

    How the Hell did people have trouble with the turbines in that Destiny 2 level? It was simple. One is low moving along the ground and the other is higher and passes over the player. Just run behind the lower one and move in the same direction (clockwise) to all three targets. It was simple.

  6. Nekksplitta says:

    damn, I cancel my subscription and they finally give you good games on ps plus

  7. 00:08
    the look in her eyes and his….

  8. PS PLUS BR não vai ter Just Cause 3 :/

  9. JonasHL says:

    Hi taught for a reason the she would say "Hello everyone its wednesday my dudes!"

  10. Best ps plus month is July

  11. Curt Xiao Ng says:

    Hmm what will they replace for just cause 3 cause we already got that last month in asia.

  12. ZeroHxC07 says:

    Hey guys we removed it in the main game see? This is old code. What, you want proof? Errr.. look a preorder exotic!

  13. Zak Connolly says:

    Bought an Xbox for good monthly games because ps were shit, and now it's the opposite

  14. yzfBrandon says:

    Lmao, you jump onto the small middle platform and that keeps you safe from the turbines. Doesn't take an iq of 200 to figure that out. Bungie addresses this, but they don't address the atrocity that is pvp? What a joke

  15. Dark Synergy says:

    Jess, 21 sextury is waiting for your arrival. Don't waste your potential while you are still looking like a goddess.

  16. Oh shit!!! Finally some good shit!!! Can't wait lol

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