FrDougal9000 Reviews – Freedom Fighters (PS2/Xbox/PC)

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After four months hiding from the Soviets, it’s time to take back the sweet states of America IN THE NAME OF FREEDOM! It’s the review for Freedom Fighters!

Ratings system:

Ultimate Fail! – There is nothing good that can redeem this horrible disservice to entertainment and we as humanity completely fail for making it!

Bloody awful – Really, really bad but there are one or two things that keep it from failing completely.

Pretty bad – More bad aspects than good in this case making this not that good.

Average – Right in the middle when it comes to upsides and downsides and thus isn’t very memorable one way or the other.

Actually decent – While not that great, it’s a surprisingly enjoyable game but recommended only for fans of the game’s franchise or genre.

Pretty good – What it says on the tin really. Nothing spectacular but still fun to play none the less.

Damn solid – A pretty damn good game with a few very…


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