Forza Horizon Review For Xbox 360

Skee.TV and @Calebslife give an exclusive review of the Forza Horizon video game for Xbox 360. The latest in the Forza franchise, Horizon allows the driver to take it to the open road with a festive theme featuring new cars, more realistic gameplay, car clubs, and new 8 player co-op modes

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20 thoughts on “Forza Horizon Review For Xbox 360”

  1. can you also send cars with desins

  2. hi can you send me a nisaan gtr r35 wing off and if you can camber, stanced, and slammed otherwise just a gtr r35 with the wing off my gamertag Petrus Muis send it as a gift

  3. Amude Tawer says:

    Club car NITRO DRIVE

  4. AF Raider says:

    Lmao XD @ 1:50. Classic Game Room. Lol i wonder what else is from his video.

  5. Dan Tremayne says:

    Good game but seriously WHERE THE FUCK ARE THE NISSAN SKYINE R33's

  6. What controller is that? I cant find it.

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  8. Dylan says:

    another BULLSHIT game. I was hoping this game would be like GTA but with real cars. NO! this is an even SHITTIER version on NFS! A BS small map, boxed in, fake physics, fake computurized looking graphics with LESS CARS THE FM4!!!!!!!! WTF!!!!!!!!! this is 2013 and this is the shit thats gets made!??????????? Another pure money milk by turn ten. FUCK THEM. half the game is DL fucking C in FM4 and now EVEN MORE dlc in horizon. &the rallying is a fucking JOKE. ferrari 599s and enzos ARENT RALLLYING

  9. RR redaxis says:

    wtf i dont wanna see your fkin face

  10. w0mbles says:

    Could really do without all the shots of you, complete with all the different camera angles, shots of your living room, etc.

    It all seems very self-indulgent, and as if you're just trying to promote yourself.

    Just show the game. That's enough.

  11. I'm confusing this for real life. Better then any pixar movie.

  12. shar haq says:

    i am getting that for my birthday

  13. youngstert says:

    best forza alongside 3

  14. Kaylan127 says:

    Need for speed most wanted

  15. Thats the xbox speed wheel, hit it up on amazon!

  16. njns99 says:

    Horizon fells like need for speed

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