Fortnite PS4 Review

Fortnite Review
Fortnite Review
Fortnite PS4 Review
Fortnite Playstation 4 Xbox One steam PC Review

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19 thoughts on “Fortnite PS4 Review”

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  2. imdead says:

    This game is in early access it will get better so yeah

  3. imdead says:

    To me it is 10/10

  4. Appal Shorts says:

    I give this game a 1 out of 10 and I haven't even played it. 2 reasons: 1) I hate fixed component building. 2) I was able to download this game FOR FREE, waited hours for it to finish, then was told that I had to buy a $40 founder pack in order to play what I was able to download, FOR FREE. So yeah, fuck game developers nowadays.

  5. Aaron says:

    This game is Early access, and does not release for everyone till 2018. The game style is more open world, play the missions you want with your friends. The types of games you are suggesting are more fun are those that are scripted and rely on a strict linear story-line. This review just sounds like he got angry at the llama loot and didn't get any good items, so he raged quit. How far his progression made in 5 hours before he quit is embarrassing, and the clips show that he didn't progress far. Following the main story-line, their will be a lot more new enemies and different ways to take on new enemies and challenges. I can see why this game would be a turn off for beginners because there is a lot to it, with the different talent trees, and customization. This reviewer getting bored after 5 hours sounds like a beginner in gaming, not a person who should be making youtube game reviews. If you want an honest review look at how many people like their facebook page 95k likes. For a game in Early access already has a lot of content.

  6. Barnabas120 says:

    how did u play half way through when its current highest lvl is 100. No offense but u were still in tutorial missions.

  7. yeaa i dropped cash too early on this game, its fun, a little more persistence would have gone a long waaay. not to mention the loot collecting feels great but its soo one note lol just smash everything around you with a pickaxe.

  8. Volataxx says:

    4/10 honestly.. It's a very very fun and well put-together game.. Except for the fact that there's no freedom. At all. Sure, you can walk around big-ish areas on a given quest, but there's nothing to do. You can mine materials, sure, but for what? Just to build a temporary shack around the ATLAS for like 10 minutes then repeat. Imagine if this game was totally open world, but with the same base building and gathering/loot mechanics and zombies would come out at night or something.. It would be the dopest game ever. But it's almost like a f2p moba. Hell, it even said it'll be free next year lol. It isn't at all worth more than $15. It's way too repetitive and gets dull faster than most games.

  9. WailOfDoom says:

    Good review, short and concise. For some reason it had poor buffering.(wasnt my internet)

  10. Sri Lestari says:

    boring 3 out of 5 star

  11. J C says:

    Did you say that you made it half way through the game? C'mon man. I've played about 30+ hours and I'm no where near half way. I'm starting to get into fights where the zombies go through walls like butter. Keen preparation is starting to become more apparent. Traps are actually needed to make sure zombies don't carve through. Building a "simple" base will no longer work for me as bosses and plenty of tough mobs literally spawn in all directions. If there is no team work, there is no success. I'm in that part of the game. And when there are 30 seconds left in the game and a horde of zombies has already knocked through your front door and hitting your objective, your heart races as you desperately form a make shift base within all the chaos. This game is amazing and NO I'm even close to getting halfway through the game.

  12. ok you said it sucks after 5 hours yet you give it a 7 out of 10… that s a pretty good score i think the more proper score would be a 4, 5 out of 10 judging by your description. 7 out of 10 is a really good score I swear people have this mental thing about always giving crappy games 7 out of ten. LOOK THE SCALE IS 10 so when you give a 7 out of 10 that means that you gave much more then half of the possible points to the game so meaning its better then average or 5 out of 10. idiots with their stupid rating scale dont even know how to use it properly.

  13. teevon21 says:

    I was thinking of getting this game but albion online is so much fun right now. I haven't seen much gameplay of this but your review sounds pretty accurate, why 7/10 though and not lower?? From what you said I'm probably going to dodge this one

  14. daveaauk says:

    Very good review. I played for 18 hours but only the first ten were fun. I would give it 5/10.

  15. DaCo Video says:

    Lol dude from the sound of things you never got out of the first area.

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