For The First Time, A Nintendo Switch EShop Game Is On Sale

Sumo Digital has announced it is discounting its unique puzzle-platformer Snake Pass on the Nintendo Switch eShop, making it the first game to go on sale on the service since the console launched back in March. From today until July 4, Switch owners can download the title for $12, 40% off the game’s normal price or $20.

The Switch sale is only one part of what Sumo has dubbed a “summer of sales” for the game; in addition to that, Snake Pass is on sale for PC as part of Steam’s Summer Sale. Steam users can download the title for $10 until July 5. PC players will have a another chance to download the game for $10 as part of a Humble Store sale, which runs from July 5 – 19. Snake Pass will also go on sale on other platforms later this summer.

The sale announcement coincides with the release of a new trailer, which gives fans a quick glimpse at the first DLC in store for Snake Pass. Toward the end of the video below, you can see Noodle the snake climbing up a bamboo shoot to reach a brand-new item, a strawberry.

Snake Pass is a retro-inspired platformer that’s quite unlike other platformers. While the game features expansive levels filled with collectibles, it’s also devoid of jumping; rather, players navigate stages by slithering along the ground like a snake and coiling around poles to reach higher areas. It also features a soundtrack by David Wise, the legendary composer of Donkey Kong Country.

Snake Pass is available for Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Its first DLC is scheduled to launch sometime this July. Despite some moments of frustration, we enjoyed the game; in our review, we called Snake Pass “a quirky puzzler that innovates while simultaneously evoking memories of your favourite platformers” and awarded it 7/10.

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