For Honor – Combat and Customization Overview – IGN Plays Live

James and Brandin run through a general overview of combat and customization in For Honor, showing off the basics of swordplay and the special abilities of various classes. Watch the full stream here:

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20 thoughts on “For Honor – Combat and Customization Overview – IGN Plays Live”

  1. Dan El says:

    well after i instal the game i press "play" the game say he dont find a folders so i press on " locate game folder"
    search for them and press "ok"
    the system show that everything is fine.
    when i press "play" again the msg show up again
    i try uninstal and the instal again and its not help
    verify files not helping

    ppl before u buy dont forget its ubisoft i did my mistake

  2. will v says:

    I hate it when people are like "UH MEH BINDINGS"

  3. Anish Singh says:

    I wonder if there is going to be a competitive mode like rainbow six seige

  4. Yijin Yang says:

    Microtransactions Yay!

  5. Cody Woods says:

    I WAS going to get this, but micro transactions literally turn me off to any game.

  6. MakoRuu says:

    I was excited until they started talking about microtransactions.

  7. Javier Palau says:

    Looks good. Could be improved. Probably won't buy immediately. Maybe when I finish this semester.

  8. Very disappointing gameplay.. I was expecting better.. XD

  9. I miss playing the alpha already, it was too much fun!

  10. Rosso Winch says:

    Awesome, glad to see some customization! Still don't know which faction I'll choose tho. Prolly I'll choose a female knight.

  11. The combat system is definitely a great base, that makes me interested. But I think it still needs to be expanded just a little more. Also knocking people off seem a little cheap, should incorporate an ability where a player can catch themselves and try to pull themselves up, the enemy can finish them off as well.

  12. Nick V says:

    An RNG card system that you have to rely on to get stat. Hell to the no. I hope this game tanks hard to teach game devs a lesson about greed.

  13. Inuheishi says:

    Looks pretty neat but the constant screen blooming seems excessive and distracting.

  14. Fat Autist says:

    How much cost? What are the specs?

  15. snoognz says:

    Hope you can turn the stance arrows off.

  16. I was not expecting this game to play this way lol. What a disappointment

  17. YaboyFred says:

    Playin on PC? that's brave. seems way to complicated.

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