Final Fantasy X/X2 HD Remaster – Review

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20 thoughts on “Final Fantasy X/X2 HD Remaster – Review”

  1. At least IGN didn't mess this video game review up..

  2. Razvion says:

    Where is the FFIX HD ? That game is one of the best !!!

  3. dIRECT0R says:

    Seems too girly for me…??

  4. Final Fantasy 10/10 IGN

  5. Moang Her says:

    "Even level grinding is fun" She didn't prepare for the Dark Aeons or Penance huh.

  6. spf5Ø says:

    Kinda annoyed to have just bought the PS3 remaster only to learn ps4 got one and it's better lol oh well should be fun times nonetheless

  7. Jay Dee says:

    does it still have blitzball minigame?

  8. Does it run OK without the grunt of the emotion engine?

  9. 40 hours on X??? lol, more like 400

  10. Kage261 says:

    HAA HAA HAA HAA!!!!!!!!

  11. Smelly says:

    FFX is realy nicen did 100% it on play station when it was new, But FFX–2 Thats just a joke. Never played a game that bad. I did rush trow the game just to be done whit it. Sure after lik 75% in to the game the story starts to become more intresting. The ending was ok. Did get the best ending. But my 2nd run trow FFX and FFX-2 did take me 67h acording to steam. And thats whit some houres blitzball as well :( X is a great game u need to play it if u havent played it yet. X-2 Well dont even bother.

  12. Frank Derms says:

    This was a half-assed remaster, if Square had to fix the music loop, rng, etc. glitches for PS4. Fun games :) but short games :(

  13. Sivrit says:

    Fintal Fantasy

  14. I came here because I thought it was hack n slash…..

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