Final Fantasy 14 Christmas Update Out Today, Lets You Get A Flying Santa Bear

Final Fantasy XIV’s annual Christmas-themed event is here. The Starlight Celebration kicked off this morning, and Square Enix has detailed some of the holiday-themed items and rewards you can get during the limited-time event–including an adorable new mount.

The Starlight Celebration event began on Friday, December 15, at 12 AM PT / 3 AM ET and runs through the rest of the month. You’ll need to be at least level 15 to participate in the event, and completing quests will get some new Christmas-themed decorations for your home. But the best reward is the Starlight Bear, a cuddly new mount dressed like Santa. Just look at him.

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Players will get the Starlight Bear mount as a reward for completing the Starlight Celebration’s quest series. In addition to being adorable, the Starlight Bear knows a few unique tricks. Like your typical bear, it can fly through the air. It can also, fittingly enough, throw presents, which explode into a cloud of stars and snowflakes. You can get a look at those abilities in the screenshots above.

Other items you can get during the Starlight Celebration including four new furnishings: the Starlight Stew Set, Starlight Log Set, Starlight Sapling, and Starlight Celebration Advertisement. You can also get a Starlight Gateway music roll for your Orchestrion. The Starlight Celebration event ends at 6:59 AM PT on December 31. You can read more about it on the Final Fantasy XIV website.

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