Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age Review

Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age reviewed by Heidi Kemps on PlayStation 4.

The First 16 Minutes of Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age:

Final Fantasy 12 Graphics Comparison: PS2 vs. PS4:

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20 thoughts on “Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age Review”

  1. j0nnyism says:

    you idiots complaining about how this women's voice sounds should be more concerned about what she actually has to say.

  2. These games are terrible.

  3. Eric Sedano says:

    It's not a "Hunt" if you see it in your map -__-

  4. HAVOC says:


  5. Carlos Mejia says:

    Did Winnie The Pooh review this game?

  6. This game is a 9.4 in my book great game amazing features added to compete with current gen jrpg's a must buy

  7. Aldiggy2000 says:

    I love the job system, ps2 version – everyone could be anything. This time around, job system gives more uniqueness to classes. Should have been this way the first time around

  8. gunpei says:

    awful review. IGN is garbage

  9. I bought this game for 34.99……this price is good for new sealed game?

  10. Dan Elendil says:

    Wow. Accidentally clicked this and I can't believe IGN still shovels this kind of BS to this day.
    Same crap as always; whenever I watched one of those reviews, a specific feeling came to mind; couldn't put my finger on it but now I got it so I just have to put it to words, so excuse the ramble, those who read on.
    I grew up in communist Romania (in case you don't know what that means, it was basically the European version of North Korea's regime); we were required even as kids to constantly write speeches about how wonderful our great dictator was – and the same BS approach was extended to literature where one would have to write some sort of report regarding the mandatory reading material – which wasn't all bad, but still nothing to have us bouncing off walls neither.
    So we were left to making up those BS articles and speeches that were completely devoid of any feeling or substance, you'd just vaguely touch base with the bullet points that needed to be included as you BS and try to keep your lips as firmly pressed to the back side of the great ruler (or author) as you could.
    The end result was exactly like one of those reviews by IGN – and please remember: I'm talking about mandatory stuff written by school kids; those guys are supposed to be professionals – I mean: if you're going to BS and just go through a check list of crap that you're required to put in the review (better called commercial), then at least do it better than an unmotivated teenager.

  11. James Lloyd says:

    noodles was moogles. sorry auto correct on my phone

  12. James Lloyd says:

    ff12 totally has fast travel "Systems" umm noodles in the cities, orange crystals activated by teleport crystals, FYI? game is very generous in dropping those, steal works best for Vaan as a Shikari. Finally the areo domes for airship travel. just kinda play? then make your review? just saying. own every tittle under the franchise name in this house, have a great day.

  13. Zeloss says:

    The orange save crystals DO offer a fast-travel method via teleportation to other areas with orange crystals. The teleportation stones can be bought so it isnt an issue at all. This game is about exploration, so being able to simply fast-travel everywhere would undermine the purpose of its adventurous nature.
    Also, in the main menu, within the clan primer, you can view information about ongoing and finished hunts. this includes the whereabouts of the client and afterwards the exact position of the hunt. It simply requires 4 more button presses than simply opening the map, which hardly takes seconds.

  14. MonsterKat says:

    I imagine the woman reviewing this game is semi over weight, lots of wrinkles, 1 week unwashed hair and a pack of Doritos on her lap.

  15. MonsterKat says:

    How did they go from 12s depth to 13? Seriously

  16. if a reviewer didnt know that there's actually a fast travel in the game , dont know what reviewing is

  17. arios1977 says:

    Already put 130 hours on the ps2 version. Great game. But I'm not going to start over again on the PS4.

  18. If only there was a fast travel option…..ugh, if only ign actually played the games they review more people would take them seriously but false statements like that make them look like incompetent morons

  19. Alan Moore says:

    Not a good voice for narration…more emotion in a head of cabbage!! Game is better than the review!! Ha!!

  20. amy roberts says:

    this is not the best in the series I perfer the classic games final fantasy 7 final fantasy 6

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