Fighting game reviews #3: Fatal Fury 3 (PS2 version)

So this is still technically an arcade game just emulated on PS2 and because I’ll be doing way more of these, I came up with a rating system for these games like I did for the NES games (everything is worth 1 point out of 10)

Overall 8.5 out of 10

1.Is it fun? 1(totally)
2.Does it control well overall? 1(seems more responsive then FFS)
3,Are the Graphics good? 1 i(Improved over the last one for sure!)
4.Is the music good? 0.(FFS was actually way better)
5.Is the A.I overly cheap? 1(No it was pretty well balanced)
6.Is it a Fun final boss fight? 1 (They were all pretty neat)
7.Does the game have a cool overall style and presentation? 1 (the new story style presentation is cool)
8.Ease of executing moves? 1 (Improved over FFS for sure!)
9.Is the game a good length? 1 (long enough I’d say especially with the extra bosses)
10. Is there a good cast variety? .5 (Smaller cast, not quite as good as FFS but a good reset to the system)


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