ff13 ffxiii petition xbox360 for ps3 exclusive

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20 thoughts on “ff13 ffxiii petition xbox360 for ps3 exclusive”

  1. Je Bi says:

    Where are your cookies for your toast of milk? lol I bet mommy has some.

  2. ShiroToshi says:

    Dude. Cry MOAR PLZ. YOu still get your game and people probably won't pirate as much as you think they would on the 360. If you were a true fan you would shut the fuck up and be happy you still get your game and not slash your wrists over losing and exclusive title.

  3. Nasgate says:

    anyone else hear him say sudoku at 2:26?
    the word you are looking for is sepuku good sir

  4. n3vahtr0n says:

    I won't buy this game.

    Not because of your reasons, but because Final Fantasy sucks.

    This is sad…really sad, dude. 3:07 "You must just-just…sto-stop it!!" lol.

  5. DamnedBones says:

    I can't stop laughing, you are crazy, you need some help.

  6. WarPhalange says:


  7. Blasian89 says:

    hahahah…HAHAHAHAA i knew fanboys would get pissed over something like this XD HAHAHAHA

    fuck you, im buying this game i dont give 2 shits about your broken, selfish, fanboyist pride shit. im buyin XIII for the 360, and Versus XIII for the PS3.

    oh, and get a life fuckin otaku

  8. Michael says:


  9. Were you even aware that Square and Nintendo worked together for a while? The first six mainstream FFs (done on GBA and DS) and the Crystal Chronicles series?

  10. Xander756 says:

    If you are an expert on Japanese culture why can't you say "Seppuku" correctly?

  11. this is either a brilliant joke, or you REALLY need to get laid

  12. I hope this a joke and he doesn't really sound like his balls have barely dropped.

  13. Danny Tran says:

    Haha, I think it'll be okay. Does it really matter if FF13 isn't exclusive? Will it really kill the experience for the PS3 gamer?

  14. Jazz says:

    Dude…get a life..

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