Fallout 4 – Before You Buy

Fallout 4 (PC, Xbox One, PS4) is finally here. Is this trip to a wasteland really worth all the hype? Let’s talk about it!
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**note: a copy of the game was provided for review purposes by the game’s publisher.


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20 thoughts on “Fallout 4 – Before You Buy”

  1. Gotta love it when you mod a gun like crazy,
    only to find the same gun with the same mods
    with legendary stats 5 minutes later.

  2. Donald Dolan says:

    My brother already has the game so, I'm just here for why I should play it :p

  3. Is it worth the $14.99 that the summer sale offers

  4. I was relaxed, laying down watching this review on my phone. And then…. 1:05

    I fucking jumped! I hate that sound, so much death comes from that sound. I play with mods that make the game extremely hard, and land mines are instant death no matter what level you are, or what perks you got. That sound has me traumatized.

  5. Is this game worth getting without the dlc

  6. of course they spoil it. just don't look lol

  7. Kid Combino says:

    6:44 JakeBaldino.exe has stopped working

  8. LoneEdgeLord says:

    I highly regret getting rid of mine, and now I'm sad for watching this.

  9. Chase F says:

    Guys this is on sale on steam right now for 14.99 USD should I buy it?

  10. Hexer says:

    He is really sucking Bethesdas dick

  11. is it hard? I'm eleven years old and I'm not super great at first person shooting. Pls let me know.

  12. Gamesaway says:

    Can this be a game for a 13 year old?

  13. Kok says:

    i bought it in a sale for 27$

  14. was thinking of getting fallout 4 for my B-Day is it worth it

  15. Does anyone know (I assume by this point) if there is also the problem of so little ammo in early game? In Fallout 3 I had to replay the first 6-7 hours, because I always ran out of ammo and couldn't find any, so I'm looking to know, if Fallout 4 has the same issue.

  16. Mr4luc4rd says:

    is it worth to buy

  17. Exedro says:

    Its a good game but really bad fallout … i rather back to mojave again : 3

  18. Mec bien says:

    Hi, I never played Fallout 4 and I will finally have the occasion to.
    I would like to explore the game at maximum but I don't want more than 1 character… The problem is I want to play all possible play styles. So I asked myself is there – like in skyrim – the possibility to reach some sort of level 252 where you can take all the perks ?

  19. Love your i vid i watch a about 5 vids a day

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