Every Sonic Mania Review Ever

In case you’re wondering what this video is about, I’m sick of every single Sonic article and every single Sonic review going over the same shitty fucking points about Sonic’s troubled history every single time, jumping on the bandwagon that Sonic can’t work in 3D, and that every game released after 1994 sucks. And instead of bothering to think like an actual critic and criticize things that actually matter, they focus on superficial bullshit like voice acting and Sonic’s friends.

Leaping at low hanging fruit like Sonic 06 is inexcusable in 2017, and saying “Sonic was never good” is a meme that every hack writer and wannabe e-celeb Youtuber loves to do now, because it’s the attention-grabbing thing to do (except for Jim Sterling, because thank god for Jim).

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