Epic's PS4/PC Game Paragon Adds Free, Recon-Focused Character Next Week

Paragon, Epic Games’ PS4 and PC MOBA, is getting a new Hero next week, and this one’s a ranged character. Called Wraith, he’ll be patched into the game on June 27.

According to Epic, Wraith’s specialty is reconnaissance. In the game’s lore, Wraith graduated from the Echelon special operations program, where he was taught by another Hero, Kallari. But while Kallari is an assassin, Wraith’s abilities focus more on surveilling the battlefield and opposing Heroes. You can see his trailer below.

Two of his abilities are designed to help him reveal the map and see enemies. The first, called “Knock, Knock,” is a scope that sees through level geometry. If you kill an enemy Hero or minion, it’ll refill the mana cost and reduce the cooldown. The second is “Who’s There?” which is a sonar ward that reveals enemy locations.

Wraith also has the “Back it Up” ability, which lets him mark an enemy Hero and transport them back to where they were a few seconds before. Finally, “Surprise, Surprise” lets Wraith “send himself and nearby allies into the Shadow Plane and grant a movement speed boost,” according to Epic’s blog post.

Wraith is free to all players. His release is in keeping with Epic’s promise to add a new Hero every three weeks. The most recent Heroes to be added are Wukong and Phase; Phase came to the game alongside a big update last month.

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