Elite Dangerous PlayStation 4 Review

Elite Dangerous reviewed by Joseph Bradford on PlayStation 4. Also available on Xbox One and PC.

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20 thoughts on “Elite Dangerous PlayStation 4 Review”

  1. Ryan Bovee says:

    Um, did he not get past the viper?

  2. Well, if crash bandicoot remake is an 8, Elite Dangerous is a 180. For me Elite Dangerous is one of the best games that ive been playing in years and technically has impressed me like the jump from Fallout 2 to Fallout 3 a decade ago. Im playing it in ps4 pro and runs smooth and beauty.

  3. KANGA GAMING says:

    This game is geared for a certain audience who doesn't mind devoting their time into one game 100%. People like me would easily give this game a 10 out of 10 only because it is my type of game. Just because i love this game doesnt mean you will. That being said id still encourage you to try it for yourself just to see if it's your cup of tea. Elite Dangerous definitely deserved at LEAST an 8.5. This is my favorite game of all time and i dont think another game will topple that for me. See ya in the Black CMDRS!

  4. Definitely a fun time, but once you get to the end and get a nice big ship, the idea of grinding like mad to min/max my ship just put me off. I'd still recommend it as a decent distraction, but if you are looking for a game in the realm of Eve Online that lets you command big ships and explore a living galaxy with plenty of content, I'd look elsewhere

  5. hey IGN, this was a very poorly done review. Barely even scratched any of the depth, or mysteries, or the long history that this game is built on. In addition, since when is a difficulty curve a bad thing?

    It's a sandbox game, if you can't set your own goals; go to a black hole, get a larger ship, make your first million, etc you can't blame the game.

    P.S you sorry lot also left out the massive player groups that run/manage/expand/negotiate/and war with eachother

  6. Turtle neck says:

    ultimate vr game?

  7. nickxcore74 says:

    Absolutely abysmal review, you're not doing this game justice. Shame on you IGN, shame on you.

  8. TheRexTera says:

    Does it support PS VR?

  9. JCrules says:

    played it.but ill stick with no man sky. ..and look at there new update thats coming

  10. Deadpool says:

    so just like no mans sky

  11. MackNifisent says:

    is this like escape velocity

  12. Ogger AZ says:

    Again, no one talking about the greedy move to not let you land on planets without buying a season pass

  13. Robert Ra says:

    Boring and downright mundane, sums it up perfectly.

  14. "Good" ? Shame on you.. This game is a MASTERPIECE.

  15. chapman2001 says:

    Why does ign hate ps4 they asslick xbox so much idk why because ps4 sold 2x more than xbox XDD

  16. George Geo says:

    This kid must have never played another space sim, flight sim, or any realish sim game before.

  17. Etheral101 says:

    Ive put hours and hours into this and had no lag. loving it so far

  18. Mark Hart says:

    Score 7.5
    + Multiple choices
    + Arena

    – Technical issues
    – Can be boring

  19. Sparky says:

    So IGN…what exactly did you review here?

  20. 911zhenxiang says:

    Elite Dangerous is already the BDSSE! But because of its continious development just think a minute about how amazing it will look like in the time other game companies will release a beta of their space game in 3-5 years (of course not talking about Star Citizen here ;-)!!!
    At that time Elite Dangerous will have:
    – planets with atmosphere, oceans, cities, forest, animals …
    – space legs: walking around on planets, space stations, doing EVA in space
    – complex mission systems
    – building your own outposts on planets
    – animal hunting …
    – [fill in here any feature promised by CIG ;-)]

    There are those who promise and there are those who deliver – that's how real life works! 😉

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