Dune (PC) Game Review

The 1992 adventure game which had you control Paul Atreides as he jetted around Arakis, talking to characters, enlisting native fremen, mining for spice and generally progressing the story. The challenge came in keeping up with the Emperor’s ever increasing demand for spice (the most valuable resource in the known galaxy and the only form of currency in the game) and later in fighting your rivals the Harkonnen.

As mentioned in the review, this game is quite open to fans and the casual gamer alike and at about 10 hours or so is a nice, fun to-the-point game. It doesn’t really lose too much pace or add a lot of chaff to the story just for the sake of it, so you get a decent, comprehensible gaming experience. The change mid way through the game to a more strategic military style is a nice touch and the graphics and sound do not detract from the strong gameplay.

For a game which certainly looks to be based on the film, it does actually have a game underneath the familiar veneer…


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