Dragon’s Dogma Angry Review

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19 thoughts on “Dragon’s Dogma Angry Review”

  1. Mukagas says:


  2. Ren Hana says:

    I actually like the no fast travel, but that's the brilliant thing about reviews no? I turned off the "Opportunity monents" on allies who zoom into them. As for fast travel I got the collectors edition (after buying the game at release on XBOX and getting it later for PC) As for the Goblins fifteen times in a few minutes,half the time replaying the game I grew to love the Pawns reminding me (As a vet of the game) what the weaknesses are, however I DO see how annoying this may be. As for the issue of quests, I agree, 90% of the quests are fetch quests. Lip synching didn't matter to me as I grew up with older games. Still I think you should have given a Badass seal of approval, though it may have been more nostalgia on my part I agree with most of your points like usual!

  3. KonicavaBR says:

    If the multiplayer of DD were direct like Dark Souls it would be the best game of the generation, instead of a flaw that was in the eastern.

  4. Wait until you get to the ur dragon

  5. Kaltenbauer says:

    This review is pretty old. And many might have said the same.
    But for the sake of newcomers who might be thrown off by no fast travel.

    I guess it came with the DLC (Dark Arisen) that gave you a reusable teleport stone to use over and over.
    U get 3 stones u can place wherever u like on the map. Then you can use the teleport stone to fast travel to all of them with no limit.
    So you only have 3 fast travel waypoints, but u can choose whereever you want them.
    And you get them right after you create your character.
    Oh, and u get an extra reusable teleport stone aswell that only takes you to the DLC island.
    So you have 4.

    And just remember the game is from 2012 and the graphich is made for xbox. But there are a lot of nice mods so compensate for that, if you play on PC.
    It's actually a ported game to PC. One of the best ports ive tried, but i really recommend playing it with a controller.

  6. Gavin L says:

    Uh hey angryJoe what about the release of it?

  7. Zee Captain says:

    i will admit the title screen song was pretty kickass

  8. he was so skinny back then…

  9. ifeelit says:

    never taking advice from you again. Just bought this game and it quickly became one my favs. Your complaints were minimal compared to the stuff you could of praised

  10. Dragon's Dogma must be the only RPG that has truly cool magic spells that really makes you feel as a powerful sorcerer.

  11. DD is coming back in three months!!!!!!!!

  12. but their is fast travel

  13. Oh Bioware (and especially you EA) learn from this, I don't if it calls stealing. Have this kind of fighting mechanics for Dragon Age. Especially for the next DA (DA4 or 5)…

  14. The Mothling says:

    Another harpy is up this tree let me mark it on your HUD!

    wait wrong game!

  15. Dark Arisen brought fast travel. You place a portcrystal anywhere outdoors and use a ferrystone to any portcrystal of your choosing 😀 BTW, the price was changed to 1000g from that fat moustache dude whose name I promptly forgot or 2000g from The Black Cat. Gold seems a lot easier to find, too. Maybe you could make a quick review of it? That'd be nice :)

  16. the pawns never shut the fuck up….

  17. Duskraven377 says:

    Years later, this is still one of the funniest intros he's ever made.

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