Does the PS4 Pro Help PSVR? – IGN Plays Live

Will the PS4 Pro enhance the experience of PSVR? Vince answers one of the most common questions regarding the PS4 Pro.

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20 thoughts on “Does the PS4 Pro Help PSVR? – IGN Plays Live”

  1. Renato Couto says:

    Unbelievably confusing

  2. UberDoobie says:

    This video was awful. Why would you upload this? He can barely speak while he is playing, let alone give a serious opinion on a product. Make a proper video dedicated to the subject instead of ripping out content from somewhere else to save time. Quality is key IGN.

  3. 10whiten99 says:

    So… in other words… there's no point in getting a PS4 Pro for VR

  4. Man, do even know what are you talking about? PS VR doesn't have 2 screens

  5. Edmund Lau says:

    "Most annoying reviewer of all time!"

  6. Mike Young says:

    I was curious what he was playing but didn't ask fearing an onslaught of hate due to my unforgivable lack of knowledge but luckily…I finally saw the name in the upper corner of the video. Please step back from the keyboards and take a breath. Think calm….

  7. Ian Smithies says:

    An example of how to not get to the point

  8. CY Lok says:

    dude can you stop awhile and answer the question faster.

  9. what a rubbish video. two guys just talking nonsense while their attention was focused on a completely unrelated game.
    you could have given the same info in about two lines of text.

  10. Alan Plays says:

    Don't ever do this again. 😐

  11. Gamer's RCs says:

    Focus on the information you're trying to provide and not the game that has nothing to do with it….

  12. rfbthree says:

    He had a hard time multitasking while playing for sure.

  13. squeezar says:

    So I just ordered a pro for nothing.

  14. There is more games with ps vr support such as rigs and sports bar vr so get it right

  15. crashpal says:

    Challenge: drink a beer every time he says "umm" or "uh"

  16. So basically the Ps4 pro does improve VR a little…. Christ that was hard work to listen to

  17. We're all dumber for having heard this

  18. Blazeness911 says:

    Well that was a struggle.

  19. IamBradBos says:

    Once again Vince has no idea what he's talking about

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