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This is due in no small part to a punishing difficulty curve that has earned Dirt Rally quite the reputation since its release on Steam Early Access 11 months ago. By abandoning the series’ previous American flavour and arcade-style racing, Dirt Rally differentiates itself from its predecessors by presenting an uncompromising simulation of rally racing that has more in common with 2004’s Richard Burns Rally than anything released in the interim. With a phenomenal new physics engine, a plethora of variables that affect each stage, and a challenging assortment of beloved courses, Dirt Rally demands a lot from players. And in the move to consoles, its notorious challenge has remained fully intact–which is certainly cause for celebration.

Dirt Rally’s demanding difficulty might alienate some racing game fans, but this console release includes 21 tutorials to help ease players in for a slightly less bumpy ride. They’re by no means perfect–mainly because they’re not actually…


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