DinoPC ESL eSports Certified Dragon PC Review + GIVEAWAY

DinoPC ESL eSports Certified Dragon PC Review + GIVEAWAY
Today we look at the DinoPC ESL eSports Certified Dragon PC and see how awesome this beast is! and then… give it away lol

want to buy one? use this link! https://www.dinopc.com/gaming-pcs/esl-esports-gaming-pcs/esports-dragon-esl

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PC Specs:
MSI B250m-Mortar Motherboard (powered by box.co.uk – https://www.box.co.uk/Jezy_Dual_Core_Gaming_Bundle!Intel_Penti_2103777.html )
Intel® Pentium G4620 (powered by box.co.uk – https://www.box.co.uk/Jezy_Dual_Core_Gaming_Bundle!Intel_Penti_2103777.html )
32 GB Ballistix Sport LT RED 2400mhz…


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