DinoPC ESL eSports Certified Dragon PC Review + GIVEAWAY

DinoPC ESL eSports Certified Dragon PC Review + GIVEAWAY
Today we look at the DinoPC ESL eSports Certified Dragon PC and see how awesome this beast is! and then… give it away lol

want to buy one? use this link! https://www.dinopc.com/gaming-pcs/esl-esports-gaming-pcs/esports-dragon-esl

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PC Specs:
MSI B250m-Mortar Motherboard (powered by box.co.uk – https://www.box.co.uk/Jezy_Dual_Core_Gaming_Bundle!Intel_Penti_2103777.html )
Intel® Pentium G4620 (powered by box.co.uk – https://www.box.co.uk/Jezy_Dual_Core_Gaming_Bundle!Intel_Penti_2103777.html )
32 GB Ballistix Sport LT RED 2400mhz…


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20 thoughts on “DinoPC ESL eSports Certified Dragon PC Review + GIVEAWAY”

  1. BloodyHammer says:

    Ive watched your reviews for like a year and good luck to everyone

  2. Peppa Pig says:

    Love your vids I hope I win but good luck to everyone

  3. Lythronax says:

    Thanks for the raffle & good luck to all participants! Greetings from Germany!

  4. Like subbed and followed you on twitter now I'm going to share the video to try and make then views go up haha good luck everyone

  5. Good luck to everyone, great video

  6. rbuschy says:

    Assuming it's EU only but I have shared it to my Social none the less.

  7. Kevin Milne says:

    right guys this is a awesome giveaway so we have to get this up to 5000views and 500likes. Lets share with all our friends on social media,, lets get it started ,, I WANT IT !!! LOL

  8. Yona Sun says:

    Awesome video! Good luck to everyone, I hope I will win though xD In case I will win, Contact me via Email or PM me on youtube. Thank you soo much for doing this video, It is so kind of you. TYSM again. xD

  9. Jibril A says:

    Sweet video man, I wish good luck to all. I plan to enter as well!

  10. I've had my eye on that Corsair Carbide Air 240 case in black for a while but I wouldn't mind taking this one off your hands. :) Nice shots of the system, very decent spec. Nice one, Jezy.

  11. TheWOlwon says:

    Si je gagne cet ordinateur je suis aux anges ! Good luck for everyone ! Beautiful case 😮

  12. Looks like an awesome PC!
    It would be brilliant for someone starting high quality gaming.

  13. 2 things kill this computer: intel stock cooler and no backplate on the graphics card

  14. 4750 views to go!)

  15. Give me pls i dont have monney

  16. bb is says:

    Nice giveaway bro you are aweomse thanks for giving this away 😉

  17. Ali Rind says:

    Hey guys there is a free game on GOG right now

  18. getting there mate i will keep up the posting is there i time limit or just when it hits

  19. awesome video, wonderful pc. great giveaway. hope this one is international so i can join 😀

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