Destiny 2 | PC gameplay at 4k resolution, 60 FPS + impressions!

Destiny 2 – We FINALLY have some PC footage, and it looks amazing! This was captured on a GTX1080Ti running at max settings- 4k resolution, 60fps baby.

Oh, and my brother and I offered a few thoughts as well

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20 thoughts on “Destiny 2 | PC gameplay at 4k resolution, 60 FPS + impressions!”

  1. John Snow says:

    Skill up, I love this game but there's something about it that I hate and that is the fact that I can never fully experience one of the largest parts of it, and that is the raids. It's not because I don't have friends who play Destiny, because I'll never have those, it's because I don't have a mic and because of that I was and will never be able to participate in them because the raids in destiny one were far too hard to do without a coordinated fire team of six with decent communication skills. This also applies to things like trials and almost all endgame activities except for many the nightfall and the challenge of elders. I also can't just get a mic because I have really strict parents. I'm not saying that the 400 light grind is impossible because I'm 400 on all three characters, which took me ages because, again I did it alone, but it sucks cuz I really want to do some of the raids because they give good loot and they look quite fun. I've tried using matchmaking websites and the default looking for group action on Xbox but, let's be honest, who actually gets stuff other than the nightfall done on the looking for group thing on xbox and I don't like using websites because I have to assemble an entire fire team. I don't really look forward to Destiny two because of these reasons, but I will still get it because of other reasons, like all of the new thing coming to the table.

  2. Godlage says:

    its not the "same destiny we know and love". there are quite a few nerfs made to the new game. Cut subclasses, nerfed weapon slots – should have kept primary, special and heavy slots. nerfed special ammo. no machine guns. fuck sweaty 4v4, 6vs6 pvp is better – less sweaty matches and less time looking for and competing for kills. no more rumble. so NOT the same at all, just a nerfed 1.5 version of destiny.

  3. travis339 says:

    The graphics settings were set to "medium". That correlates to the "highest settings"?

  4. I'm going to get this on pc but 2 fucking months is so long

  5. M Durm says:

    Is it going to be locked at 60? That's all I want to know. I didn't watch the video

  6. Malice Mage says:

    Not a huge fan of the one shot one kill (albeit delayed fire) rifle

  7. adlyd says:

    Gief gameplay footage of someone who have mastered keyboard and mouse please

  8. Javed Shamim says:

    Highest settings ? It said medium on the settings page

  9. I really like your video's leaving Division and making new video's is the best thing you did on youtube and I'm a big division fan

  10. 1. This looks so fucking good
    2. Theory: the speaker wasn't killed because the cabal need him to communicate with the traveler. Garry captured him.

  11. Moyle01 says:

    2:28 Oh good enemies still regenerate health randomly. Glad to see some things haven't changed.

  12. I want to like the game and I will certainly try for myself, but in this video gameplay felt very slow and clumsy. =(

  13. Justin S says:

    destiny 2 the type of game to look exactly like the 1st one but with better graphics

  14. This game looks amazing. It pains me that it will be locked at 30 fps on console. I am an Xbox One player but that may change if my favorite games are going to stay at low frame rates, which in fairness only two of the five games I play is in 60 fps at the moment and I still am able to enjoy the other three that are not. Going into the future I know that is going to stick out like a sore thumb. I would rather play 1080 at 60 fps than 2160 at 30 fps. I can't personally afford a machine that can do both 2160 at 60 fps and neither can Microsoft from the sound of it.

  15. orgasmic thats all I'm saying

  16. Lance Seaman says:

    one of the only who probably did weapon testing. Always raising the bar brother. 🖖

  17. I would buy the Xbox one X if it ran this at 60fps. I'm so jealous of pc right now. the difference is huge.

  18. Itz Prodigy says:

    this shit looks beautiful

  19. WOW! looks amazing on PC, i like the flame effects on the warlock just amazing! i cant wait for august to play the demo.

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