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Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax – Review
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9 thoughts on “Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax Review (PS Vita/PS3) | Gamma Review”

  1. GeckoGC says:

    Is the online still good?

  2. I bought the game just so I can play as Shizuo! XD Somehow managed to get through all the normal story mode but the other modes just free like extra stuff to show off XP

  3. I want this for my Vita

  4. Cr33p3rKid says:

    Does the vita version have online play?

  5. Kelly d says:

    Very detailed video,well gf got me a psn card for Christmas think I'll get this instead of jstars

  6. J0ker 047 says:

    so is this crossbuy?

  7. Kuma Self says:

    I have 2 vitas with the same psn. can we play adhoc? or is this like chronophantasma on Vita that will not you play each other unless you are using 2 different psn accounts?

  8. brightwolfz says:

    One of my complaints for this game is about how a character is represented. Maybe its been a while since I've seen the anime, but Rentaro Satomi from Black Bullet seems really depressing in the game (both how he looks and talks); however, in the anime I remember him being spirited and caring towards others… maybe I'm missing something. To me, it just doesn't seem right. Great review by the way 😀

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