Defiance PC Gameplay 2017



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17 thoughts on “Defiance PC Gameplay 2017”

  1. the game still with players? :v

  2. Fail Safe says:

    Side strafe simulator

  3. HxCGirl says:

    this game doesn't work it keeps saying defiance servers are down but it's been like that forever so i cant play it

  4. the1tigglet says:

    They are really missing out by not porting it to Backwards Compatibility on the Xbox One.

  5. the1tigglet says:

    I'm seeing alot of biowarfare stuff is that the best if you want to go all dots against enemies that have heavy defense?

  6. Medy Calmant says:

    bien pour ta vidéo mais le jeu est vraiment à  chier

  7. chris carr says:

    i really miss playing this game. just unboxed my old 360 and started playing it again

  8. I used to enjoy playing this game from time to time, but the incredible lag and disconnects duing any sort of major arkfall or fight just soured me on it.

  9. Itaku says:

    It's a really fun game if only it had a bigger player base.

  10. Jim Dandy says:

    me and my friend downloaded the game recently. honestly I'm surprised anyone is still playing this title online.

  11. i got the games aswell you should add me on the game :HonestDemonEric ill play when u can and stuff ….and which recorder do you use?

  12. alguien me ayuda juego en ps3 quien me quisiera ayudar

  13. HDMZ says:

    do you get those weapons from secret merchants

  14. So Bro says:

    keep up you're good work

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