Defiance Game Review (PS3)

Trion Worlds took a big risk with Defiance, but the question is, did it pay off? This is a review of the PS3 version of Defiance, complete with gameplay from my ongoing playthrough, that also takes an in-depth look at the many different features this ambitious Third-Person Shooter MMO has to offer. Between the Arkfalls, Co-op Maps, Shadow Wars/PvP, Story missions, and Episode missions, there is certainly quite a bit of content to keep you busy, as well as prepare you for the Syfy series by the same name that will be releasing soon…

Backstory/Story – 1:02
Create a Player – 3:48
Similarities – 4:51
RPG Elements/Abilities and Progression – 5:52
Weapon Mods System – 7:45
Gameplay Mechanics – 8:30
Micro-transactions – 9:16
Open World Multiplayer/Arkfalls – 9:35
PvP/Shadow Wars – 11:52
Co-op Maps – 13:45
Story Missions – 14:12
TV Episode Missions – 15:26


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