Cyber Power Gamer Ultra 2098 System Review – PC Perspective

Most of the time, when we are sent systems for review, they are some of the highest-end and most expensive gaming rigs available. Companies tend to want to showcase a “flagship” product, one that will impress anyone that gazes upon it. And while CyberPower definitely builds systems like that, for this review, we are looking at something much more modest – the pre-built Gamer Ultra 2098.

The specifications for the system are pretty straight forward:

AMD FX-4100 Quad-core Bulldozer processor with a stock cooler
Gigabyte M68MT-S2 NVIDIA 7025 chipset motherboard
8GB DDR3-1333 MHz memory
AMD Radeon HD 6670 1GB graphics card
500 GB SATA III 6 Gb/s HDD
DVD Burner optical drive
500 watt power supply
Azza Black Orion Red case
Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

These aren’t parts that are going to “wow” you by any stretch but the price might: Newegg is…


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20 thoughts on “Cyber Power Gamer Ultra 2098 System Review – PC Perspective”

  1. TheDeridor says:

    I got this pc secondhand for $150, however the cpu and gpu are a bit different…

    amd athlon x2 270 cpu (3.4ghz dual core)

    asus gt 620 2gb vram gpu

    everything else seems to be identical to the original.

  2. Coolited says:

    can i play gta5 on yhis

  3. How does the Walmart one run bf4

  4. getting cyber power pc because my toshiba laptop sucks fat cock

  5. My cord to use picture isn't working or on the machine it's not help me I'm retarded (not really)

  6. guys, im gonna get one og these from walmart and is it worth playing just a few games on with no lag? 9 i play an a complete shit computer right now) an i wanna play and record just a few games like cod bl3 and mc? so could i play it and record with a certain recording company i have in mind with little or no lag? and do they come with windows? thank you and please help me and just one or 2 games like i said. and do u have to assemble anything with it? what moniters are best also cheap thank yall plz answer

  7. Flynny1201 says:

    Do you think this would run Heroes and Generals at 30+frames?

  8. Tom Lewis says:

    Working on a project for this but didn't really meet what I needed.

  9. Wills Vids says:

    Guy s pls tell me if this can run most games (CS:GO, Tf2, Chivaley medivalwarfare, Payday 2, Borderlands 2, ) at 1600×900 resolution at 40+fps

  10. Rik Dusk says:

    Cyberpowerpc make really nice PC's for the money. I just bought a GUA440 which i really like.

  11. they can have different

  12. Mary Fox says:

    i have one its old now and im just adbout to upgrad my grapix card

  13. Dawsyn Grant says:

    I recently got this computer off newegg and I'm looking to upgrade… Would a gtx 550ti work with a 750 gold series cosair modular psu? What would a good CPU be? Hope you can respond

  14. Gamescoguy says:

    how well will it run minecraft on high settings while recording?

  15. David Fuego says:

    can this run bf4 for and what settings? plz some one tell me

  16. can this run cod ghost? and battlefield?

  17. MagneticCrew says:

    I have this computer it is sooo amazing it runs minecraft at a lowest 60 and high 200 FPS. the only problem is that its loud but other than that i definitely recommend it.

  18. ust bought it for $250 from a friend planning to updating to ssd , psu an asus 2gb gpu all together spending another $300 all together in updating  any suggestion on a card in that will give me good performers for the next two year i play in a 40 inch TV if that's a factor  

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