Cradle • PC gameplay presentation + review • 1080p 60 FPS • MAX SETTINGS • GTX 970 •

Cradle developed by Flying Cafe for Semianimals – 60 FPS Full HD (1080p) gameplay walkthrough • Game running on PC with max settings •


Intriguing and relaxing game with a wonderful soundtrack – a true indie gem! Developed by Flying Cafe for Semianimals (a studio created by former developers of STALKER: Call of Pripyat, Heroes of Might and Magic 5 and Allods Online), Cradle is an immersive, atmospheric adventure game set in a somewhat post-apocalyptic Mongolia.

You wake up in 2076 in a yurt in the middle of a steppe and cannot remember a thing. There is a broken mechanical girl in your room, and a huge, abandoned dome nearby. You can roam the world freely, interact with objects and physics, read tons of documents that help you understand what happened (think Gone Home and The Vanishing of Ethan Carter).

There are a lot or Orwellian things going on here, there is also a mysterious virus called ‘desperatoxin’ and some strange, smoke-like cratures. Your task is to…


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