Classic Game Room – RATCHET & CLANK: ALL 4 ONE review for PS3

Best of CGR on DVD & Blu-Ray! Features interview/commentary with Mark AND DAVE!!

Classic Game Room reviews RATCHET & CLANK ALL 4 ONE for PlayStation 3! Along with his three of his friends and enemies, Ratchet is ensnared by the Creature Collector and must escape by working with this impromptu group. Bust crates and smash enemies in this departure from the traditional series. Ratchet & Clank All 4 One video review features Ratchet and Clank PS3 gameplay action!


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20 thoughts on “Classic Game Room – RATCHET & CLANK: ALL 4 ONE review for PS3”

  1. I completely disagree with you. what makes it so good is the coop. there are not enough games like this. we need more games like this!!!!! I'm from the future (ps4/pc) player, and there are no fng games to play with my kids. thank GOD this game is on psnow.

  2. Flying V says:

    This game is just as good as every other r&c game. Quest for Booty and Full Frontal Assault both suck.

  3. PH CLANK says:

    This game is just a spinoff people! It was never meant to be one of the main games! Relax people…you too Mark

  4. OniLink96 says:

    This review is fair more fair than your comments in your Tools of Destruction video led me to believe. Thank you for not being an asshat. ^.^"

    That being said, I do think this is worth $20 if you're an R&C fan. It's a fun romp through a fun party game. I played it single player and the AI was competent and I had a good time with it. I've never really gone back to it though, and I can completely agree that Ratchet & Clank can do better. For more recent Ratchet & Clank fun, I do think Into the Nexus was a blast and was a return to form. I'm not sure if you've reviewed that or not.

  5. Durodes Duvo says:

    This game is underrated

  6. Din soester says:

    I dont know why, but i felt like Q-Force was way worse than All4One

  7. Kamifox 1 says:

    I totally agree, I love this franchise and have played every game within it as well as read all the comics (would have some merchandise if it was readily available here and didn't cost a ton) but this is the one and only game in the franchise I absolutely HATE. I mean, come on, I defended Sonic Boom Rise of Lyric for a while. I NEVER defended this pile of rubbish. Not once. I notice you did, however, fail to mention the over abundance of glitches this game contains just to add insult to injury. I honestly don't see why they didn't make it just play like Ratchet Gladiator/Deadlocked just with 4 players, a new story and online. In fact, i thought that was what it was the whole time leading up to its release, boy was I disappointed…

    Oh and before anyone says it yes, I did beat the game, with 100% (got that almost first try, would've been first try if I hadn't somehow missed a couple RYNO pieces) and play it online for as long as I could stand. I did give it a very fair try.

  8. Din soester says:

    Agree, All 4 One was disapointing, and the second worst R&C game!!! But in my opinion Q-Force/Full Fruntal Assault was the worst.

  9. The cake… It is a lie…

  10. I dont know why but laughted so hard at 2:15

  11. The worst ratchet and clank game is the moba on android

  12. 4B1Ts says:

    Ratchet & FLUNK!

  13. Gamer888MPH says:

    I thought full frontal assault was worse than this actually.

  14. John Smith says:

    Tooooootally agreed

  15. UT3MONTAGE says:

    I thought the game was very fun, even in solo. 

  16. Petronious says:

    Yep this is exactly what i thought of ratchet and clank all 4 one, q force wasn't too bad but thankfully nexus came along when it did. nexus is brilliant, looking forward to the ps4 entries!

  17. A game best enjoyed with friends. One of the few that have any success with cohesive 4 player platforming. A nice change of pace from the rest of the series as well. Too often knocked for not being a carbon copy of the other offerings. But yeah, if you don't play with friends you're gonna have a bad time. And that, I think, was the point. It sacrifices the immersion of a single player experience so that its multiplayer functions. It also tries new things in the process; most of which succeed. Something so focused on play with other people means that most solo gamers (or those with humorless friends) are going to miss the true experience here to be had. The same could be said for Deadlocked, to some extent. It's just better with company.

  18. 666rocko says:

    its not as good as other r&c games but i played this loads with my nephew and we loved it, great co op

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