Classic Game Room – MIDTOWN MADNESS 3 review for Xbox

Midtown Madness 3 review!

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Classic Game Room reviews MIDTOWN MADNESS 3 for the original Xbox from Microsoft released in 2003! It’s madness as you drive through two cities with a bunch of licensed cars in Crazy Taxi meets Runabout on Microsoft Xbox. Race through Paris and Washington DC as you compete in challenges, complete objectives and race your way to victory. Smash street signs, cars, garbage cans and parts of the environment on your drive, it’s a bit like Grand Theft Auto lite. Vehicular destruction, racing and laughs are all found here in Midtown Madness 3!!


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20 thoughts on “Classic Game Room – MIDTOWN MADNESS 3 review for Xbox”

  1. DannyzPlay says:

    I really wish they'd make a midtown madness 4

  2. Adi Dubey says:

    I want this on my PC

  3. Primor says:

    Such great times playing with my little brother driving as dumpsters. pretty sure i found my first glitch in here where the cops would push you through a fence and youd be out of the map

  4. Punisher106 says:

    oh, god, this game. This was my favorite game on the original Xbox. I remember using Action Replay to unlock all the cars, including the two cars you had to get paint job pickups for, which were ungodly hard to get, and just went on Xbox Live, into Free Roam games, to be able to glitch into areas we weren't supposed to get in. One thing about this game is something I'll never forget. The road layouts for the cities are supposed to be completely accurate to their IRL counterparts.

  5. NOTJOKER 28 says:

    I've finished the work-undercover!

    i still play this game still.

  6. hes talking like joe from family guy

  7. 1 and 2 are still better :/

  8. my life was the loop in washington DC

  9. is it sad if i want an original xbox just for this game

  10. I remember this game as being one of the biggest disappointments on the Xbox. 1 & 2 were both highly rated games with a big community and this game was just so mediocre in comparison

  11. #AJ 15 says:

    To be honest this was bullshit as compared to midtown madness1 and 2!

  12. Midtown Madness 1 and 2 (Angel Engine) became the Midnight Club and Smuggler's Run engine, and ultimately became the RAGE engine.

    The world is a small place… When I was small, uncle had Midtown 2, little did I know that all the other games I've enjoyed from Rockstar had lineage with it.

  13. Maik Hpunkt says:

    this and halo – the 1. games for my 1. console :)
    i loved it!
    i would buy it again, but dont works on xbox 360 :(

  14. QuarantineZ says:

    I still got mine. Scratched to shit, though. Also, it doesn't work on Xbox 360, it gave me an update, but didn't work.

  15. I miss this game on xbox It was my first game it needs a Remaster :(

  16. Mc Dragon says:

    the first Xbox is called Xbox classic

  17. Whats the name of the comic in the end?

  18. Lewis Reid says:

    Who else remembers searching on the Internet for the cheat code to unlock all the cars, well to save you for having to find the website here is how you do it: At the car selection screen, click and hold the Left Analog-stick and press L, R, L(3), R(3), L(2), R(2) to unlock all cars

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