Classic Game Room HD – ECHOCHROME for PS3 HOME review

Watch in High Definition! Free demo version of echochrome in Playstation HOME. Classic Game Room reviews ECHOCHROME for the Playstation 3, a free game available in Playstation Home for PS3. This arcade machine is located in the arcade in the back right of the bowling alley. It is a totally free game downloaded within HOME Beta, takes a few minutes. It is an MC Escher influenced arcade-style old school-style strategy game where you drop tiles in front of your guy and make him go up or down a level while avoiding the baddies. Walk into dimensional warp people called “echoes” to score points. Echochrome is a very simple yet addictive game that should appeal to fans of puzzle games and strategy video games. The best part is that it’s totally free, echochrome has 3 levels here and in order to win the echochome outfit within Playstation HOME you have to play for a while and earn a certain score. This CGRHD review of ECHOCHROME has gameplay footage from echochrome in Playstation…


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20 thoughts on “Classic Game Room HD – ECHOCHROME for PS3 HOME review”

  1. musicmex says:

    Free for ps plus

  2. amin arbi says:

    how to get it on pc

  3. nationalgord says:

    I recommend playing this game on PSP because it's completely different from this and has many more levels and the entire concept of the game is much different and cool. I'd love to see a review of it with the expansion pack added too.

  4. nationalgord says:

    I agree there needs to be more PSP reviews. He already has a PSP, though. The PSP version of this game is amazing.

  5. wat abt the head^^..

  6. GamerNinjaX says:

    @eggsyummy35 he does now

  7. @eggsyummy35 they bought one

  8. Richard Yi says:

    :05 everytime i watch classic game room, thats the dance i do whenever the intro music starts.

  9. timmy452ster says:

    @ZackathuiaKawonga lol

  10. Aliyah M. says:

    I played the demo to this on psp. i loved it but never got to get the full game :(. NOw im gonna buy a ps3, I hope its still on there as this video was last year. I'm thinking of selling my psp too

  11. what the fuck are you talking about?

  12. full version for this on PSN is excellent

  13. StalkerNG says:

    it would be cool if you could get full ps3 games on home for free.

  14. Simracer1990 says:

    Nice work. Can you please do a review of the full game?

  15. thespartan95 says:

    echrome is hard but i got the full suit im trying to get the ice breaker suit

  16. Nodieus27 says:

    Demon's Souls is coming out this fall .. Atlus is publishing the game and the special edition is called: "The Do Not import edition" it comes with a 150 page strategy guide that you can't buy in stores. I own the import and will buy the us version too…it's just that good! Think of monster hunter but with medievil gothic atmosphere and characters with levels up to level 750! Japan makes great games. I can name a bunch, don't dis Sony or Nintendo they make 30x more then ms, ms has no 1st party

  17. Nodieus27 says:

    What is this the home only version or is it a full version? can you rotate the screen? the full game has like 100 levels and a level editor where you can upload or download other peoples levels. This home version looks cut down.. i have neve been able to play this on home, someones always hoggin the machine, alawys get that ice game..

  18. Ryokushin says:

    Demo for Echochrome on the PSP is amazing; I do't know if I'd buy it–but I'm thinking about it.

  19. ECHOCHROME is on the PSP as well. CGRHD should buy a PSP because the system has a lot to offer and it is better than the DS in many ways.

  20. Disthron says:

    And here I was thinking you just made a blank character.

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