Classic Game Room HD – DEAD SPACE review Part 1 Xbox 360

Part 1 of 2 in HIGH DEFINITION. Classic Game Room reviews DEAD SPACE for the Xbox 360 video game console. This Dead Space review shows gameplay and footage from this amazing game in HD High Definition game play video. Wow! It’s like they made this game for Classic Game Room! It may not have huge Atari sized pixels or ninjas, but what it does have is awesome science fiction ambience, sound design and story telling! You play as Isaac and crawl through a space ship infested with horrible aliens or mutated people, all of whom are trying to decapitate you and rip your limbs from your torso. Gameplay is solid, fast and intense. The video game reminds CGR of Alien, Event Horizon and the video games Bioshock, Resistance and Fallout 3. All good things. Dead Space is somewhat of a horror style 3rd person shooter (should have a FPS first person shooter option) set in space and featuring an awesome Sci-fi movie inspired plot. Hours of boring cutscenes are abandoned in favor of…


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