Classic Game Room – FORZA HORIZON 2 review for Xbox One

Forza Horizon 2 review!

Classic Game Room reviews FORZA HORIZON 2 for Xbox One (i is also on Xbox 360, my bad), the driving game where you drive around mini-Europe and compete in a variety of events with fancy cars!! Be careful not to run over any hipsters…. although the game won’t actually let you do that. Sadly. Luxury brands like Ferrari, Bugatti and Laborghini are here. You’ll find the GT-R, Corvette, Supra and Nissan 300ZX too. Just don’t expect too much innovation or an exciting environment, this one feels like a carbon copy of the first game tossed out quickly for the holidays on Xbox One. There’s some good driving and fun to be had, but it lacks that certain “something” that makes the first game better. Forza Horizon 2 looks and sounds great though, turn up the volume and tear the the tunnels for an earful. CGR Forza Horizon 2 video review features Forza Horizon 2 gameplay from Xbox One.


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