Classic Game Room – FORZA HORIZON 2 review for Xbox One

Forza Horizon 2 review!

Classic Game Room reviews FORZA HORIZON 2 for Xbox One (i is also on Xbox 360, my bad), the driving game where you drive around mini-Europe and compete in a variety of events with fancy cars!! Be careful not to run over any hipsters…. although the game won’t actually let you do that. Sadly. Luxury brands like Ferrari, Bugatti and Laborghini are here. You’ll find the GT-R, Corvette, Supra and Nissan 300ZX too. Just don’t expect too much innovation or an exciting environment, this one feels like a carbon copy of the first game tossed out quickly for the holidays on Xbox One. There’s some good driving and fun to be had, but it lacks that certain “something” that makes the first game better. Forza Horizon 2 looks and sounds great though, turn up the volume and tear the the tunnels for an earful. CGR Forza Horizon 2 video review features Forza Horizon 2 gameplay from Xbox One.


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20 thoughts on “Classic Game Room – FORZA HORIZON 2 review for Xbox One”

  1. In this episode, Mark reveals his love for Herbie.
    Honk! Honk!

  2. Forza Horizon 3 has an El Camino and it has a lot to do if you ever think about reviewing it.

  3. What the? This had some of the best soundtracks in a racing game. it had classical music, house music that went well with the game, and many others.

  4. krocialblack says:

    Forza Horizon 3 has El Caminos. And I know it's going to have Volcanoes to conquer. Here's hoping for flame throwers as well.

  5. Charlie Wood says:

    I prefer it to FH1. Love both, of course.

  6. C Hardy says:

    Funniest game review ever made. Pissed myself.

  7. I Have Forza Horizon 2 On Xbox One

  8. crativ3 says:

    "heres hoping for Forza Horizon 3: Beyond Thunderdome" Well mark, you weren't too far off there, its set in Australia.

  9. mike wellman says:

    you can play your own music now as long you have the background music app on xbox one

  10. swordghoti says:

    Bought this the other day, bloody brilliant fun.

  11. Weird question:
    When you started doing this voice for your Youtube/web show did the voice slowly become your normal voice?

  12. Gran turismo is superior to forza, right kids?

  13. Why is the footage 24FPS???
    This isn't a movie.
    Anyways, great review Mark :)

  14. argedismun2 says:

    where's forza 6 cgr review, I can't fibd it

  15. SavagePavich says:

    Horizon 2 took the mildly annoying characters from the first game and ramped the dudebro factor up to 11. Same with the radio stations, my god. Never really understood why they did (maybe to emulate annoying scene kids in car culture), but it hardly ruined the game. Horizon is still one of my favourite arcade racing games.

  16. SodaGumX says:

    lulz it looks like a xbox 360 game… then again all xbone games look horrible and like xbox 360 games.

  17. Noah_william says:

    I love his voice but this kinda ticks me off idk why

  18. I still prefer the original on 360.

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