Children of Zodiarcs Review “Buy, Wait for Sale, Rent, Never Touch?”

Karak reviews Children of the Zodiarcs for PC.

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20 thoughts on “Children of Zodiarcs Review “Buy, Wait for Sale, Rent, Never Touch?””

  1. The story is the most hood shit I've ever read in my life in a SquareSoft Game. They some straight gangsters. LOL

  2. All Prophit says:

    love the metaphors! had me smiling the whole time.

  3. Zomochi says:

    I've noticed in your most recent reviews you've been letting the game audio play faintly in the background of your commentary, which is as I recall something you didn't do in past reviews.

  4. sigh, now im sad there's no FF Tactics game :( and I meant back when it was more serious with Ramza etc

  5. It's a shallow game missing all the best parts of games like FFT, Tactics Ogre, Disgaea, or even Xcom… aside from a grid turn based system where you move and do stuff (a small amount of stuff, and you can't mix it up, you have to move or use a card, one character at a time, as opposed to being able to move afterwards, etc). I never went back after a couple of hours, because it was obvious what the game was. I probably should've tried to get a refund from steam.

  6. Tathamet says:

    What game genres do you review? i've been subscribed for a while now but i still can't figure out how you select your games.

    Keep up the good work though!

  7. Ronald White says:

    Enjoyable game to fulfill your final fantasy tactics addiction, be sure to get the 1.01 update which makes it much better.

  8. this is a cool game, the story somewhat sucks and leveling is a bit broken. Try changing the dice off to spend less time with that bs.

  9. wants to be FFT, unfortunately has a pathetic artstyle and out of place cartooon characters

  10. Hi Karak! great review as always! … hey do you think you could do a review for FORTNITE? I know its not a full game release but I the problem with games like this and other ones that stay as "early release" for a while is that I think a lot of publishers are starting to take advantage of this, you see since its not a full release publishers know that most serious reviewers such as your self are not gonna review it and so a lot of people like myself end up buying it just hoping that it'll be our money's worth :( and this title is specially difficult for me to make a decision on because I heard that next year it'll be free to play :( !!! so i don't know if its worth paying $40 for it or just wait till next year… if you can a review would be AMAZING!!! for games such as this one and others like ARK SURVIVAL 😀 thank you Karak! you're the best! seriously you are.

  11. The developers said "inspired by SE tactics games", and all they had to do was a tight job system and interesting maps.
    And they go and introduce RNG and card systems.

    "inspired by SE tactics games" my ass.

  12. Garth Flame says:

    Please review Fortnight (it comes out the 25th) also, make sure it's not 2 mins long or full of sponsored bullcrap. thx.

  13. This is really disappointing. The lack of really good Final Fantasy Tactics-style RPGs really makes me interested in any title that tries this, but cringey writing and shallow combat turns me off big time, especially when compared to the excellent writing of FFT and Tactics Ogre. Oh well.

  14. Nice, it looks like they really added some nice concepts here. This is a game dev team I want to support. I will be looking for this during the Steam Thanksgiving and Xmas sales. Thank you as always ACG for the intelligence and in depth review. I know many people do not understand the 25 to 50 hours (playing upload and editing time) each takes but the quality is very very noticeable. An staying your own man and your own channel is a huge bonus for staying and remaining true and no one's corporate shill. All the best <3

  15. best informative reviews.

  16. DJ Sakura says:

    Mildly disappointed that this wasn't as tightly executed as I hoped it would be. I backed it on Kickstarter because it looked like a really neat series of ideas to combine. I'm not a huge fan of card battle systems, but the way this was presented alongside a Tactical RPG setting, I was hoping I'd really find myself getting into it.

    I ended up getting my download keys but haven't actually downloaded the title yet. I'm still going to play it and hopefully enjoy it, but I backed it at a level to get a physical copy of the game and the devs haven't even finished designs for the physical rewards, so it's going to be September to October at the earliest before those get sent out. Kinda disappointing.

  17. ClockFink says:

    Appreciate the info… If I'm being honest, I'll probably disregard your advice and just buy it, but that's based on my knowing from your review what the biggest problems are and being cognizant that they aren't things that bother me much, so this was a great help

  18. PrinnyKing3 says:

    I love your channel – one of the few sources I trust for game reviews!

  19. Al Wang says:

    Nice review! Please continue reviewing more indie titles! AAA games aren't paving enough new ground

  20. mhd alr says:

    this game looks like a bad version of WAR OF CROWN

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