CGR Undertow – STORM review for Xbox 360

Storm review.
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Classic Game Room presents a CGRundertow review of Storm on Xbox Live Arcade for the Xbox 360 from IndiePub.

Storm is a physics-based puzzle game that shows Mother Nature is the most amazing character of all. The idea is simple—get the seeds from the trees to the dirt. The catch is you can’t touch the seeds. You can only manipulate their movement through the elements. You must use wind, rain and lightning to cause various effects in the environment, which can move the seed across the Earth. You can collect additional power orbs that give you extra weather to work with, allowing a single rain cloud to turn into three or four consecutive downpours. The game is very clever, but it’s also beautiful. Storm is as much about its peaceful and refreshing aesthetics as its challenging physics-based puzzles.

This video review features video gameplay footage of Storm on Xbox Live Arcade for the…


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19 thoughts on “CGR Undertow – STORM review for Xbox 360”

  1. I don't now why but i fricking love this game *-*

  2. Oh and why does this game look better on the Ps3???

  3. This game fucking sucks. Period.

    Certain jumps don't work the way they should; too many indolent technical errors; annoying ideals.
    I'd give this game a 6/10.

  4. WANT! I love stuff like this. Flower is one of my most favorite games.

  5. Astral Frost says:

    Beautifully said. I will buy this game. It's always nice to be reminded of more down to earth things. Funny how reality can be as wondrous as fiction, and probably more so.

  6. PlexShaw says:

    Superb review. Really eloquent and one that obviously had a lot of thought put into it. :)

    I just need to decide whether I should get this on the 360 or PC.

  7. Fishmon14 says:

    This is one of the best reviews I've seen from you Derek!

  8. Robin Banks says:

    Brilliant review Derek!

  9. Huntelaarrrr says:

    Thanks for reviewing this kind of unique games..Quality stuff..

  10. d1664256 says:

    I bought A Boy And His Blob because of one of your reviews, and it looks like another winner here. Great review.

  11. DocKing236 says:

    Aww yeah the good ole

  12. Tell that to the Nintendo fantards who got SEVERE anal trauma because he dared to have a negative opinion of a Mario game. lol

  13. Groot says:

    Yeah Derek's reviews are usually pretty pro-level. =D

  14. Jackthat1 says:

    if i wanted a about outside i would go out side but it looks like fun

  15. This was…a beautiful and well thought out review. He truly understood the game he was playing and obviously enjoyed.

  16. RoxaZX says:

    Great review Derek!

  17. BillyBet YT says:

    Back when I started gaming, there were no mainstream titles or genres that printed money for the industry. I played anything and everything that I could get my hands on. Storm reminds me of those early days, when just about every game was something new and unique.

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