CGR Undertow – GRABBED BY THE GHOULIES review for Xbox

Grabbed By The Ghoulies review. Classic Game Room presents a CGR Undertow review of Grabbed By The Ghoulies for the Xbox developed by Rare and published by Microsoft.

Having been purchased by Microsoft after years of industry dominance with Nintendo, Grabbed By The Ghoulies was Rare’s very first Xbox game. Cooper and his girlfriend Amber are wandering through the forest when they stumble across the Ghouly Mansion. Perhaps had they known that was its name, they might’ve kept walking. Nonetheless, they go from lost in the woods to lost in a haunted mansion. Amber is kidnapped by Baron von Ghoul, so it’s up to Cooper to ward off zombies, ghouls and skeletons and save his lovely lady. Grabbed By The Ghoulies has the usual Rare charm, but it would be the beginning of the once-great developer’s sad decline.

This video review features video gameplay footage of Grabbed By The Ghoulies for the Xbox and audio commentary from Classic Game Room’s Derek.


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20 thoughts on “CGR Undertow – GRABBED BY THE GHOULIES review for Xbox”

  1. Big Raters give negative but NORMAL people love it like me even though I'm 12

  2. what the heck are you talking about I grew up playing this game and I loved it so much.

  3. FENTSKIM888 says:

    Been trying to find the name of this games for years. Finally found it. Scared the shit out of me when i was younger

  4. garbage game , ofc the nostalgia fags below are mad my boy derek lashes on this shit game LMAO!

  5. Trailington says:

    You dont know what your talking about….

    Grabbed by the ghoulies was a very simplistic beat em up idea that gave us a somewhat gritty amount of humor. This game deserves either a sequel or a remaster. Its only problem was the attacking. thats it

    You honestly need to redo this review….

  6. Metal Bacon says:

    Damn it's him…
    Hey CGR could you please redo every review this kid is on?
    Either that or change the name of his videos to no longer say "review"?
    Cuz technically this kid doesn't review shit yaknow… just whines and doesn't even attempt to back up his whining with any examples.
    "Rare is Dead". Really? Fuckin drama queen, do you even like video games?
    Every video your on you say the exact same shit.
    CGR plz fire this kid ASAP your channel would do so much better.

  7. Jhett Cannon says:

    this game was fun, scary kinda, kinda hard and had fucking bad fighting controls if you think about it. but I digress, still a fun game. I always replay it and it's still fun.

  8. Colin Stump says:

    It's fun but damn the game starts to get hard

  9. Young Noah says:

    Worst fucking review yet

  10. leon irvine says:

    I played this for hours wen I Was a kid and i would still play it today

  11. leon irvine says:

    Fuck off you faggot cunt this game was the best fucking game

  12. sid1417 says:

    I loved this game in my childhood

  13. Rubba Guts says:

    Bull shit this was the beat game i have everplayed

  14. JDM says:

    Well I loved this game, and when I got rare replay this was the first game I went to. I mean, I wasn't born when this came out but when I was 5 I played this on the original xbox and loved it. In my opinion this is better then Banjo kazooie (yes I said it).

  15. Sensei Smoke says:

    idk wtf he's talking about. Grabbed By The Ghoulies was the shit

  16. Tbh I thought this rare game was as good as all the others (same for N B). It was actually the kinect games that made me think, HMMM RARE IS DED

  17. 419chris419 says:

    This guy's got a stick up his arse. Game is good, enough said.

  18. This game is ok, but it's downfall is just how shallow it is. Very repetitive and also the difficulty is way too random. At first, I found it painfully easy and all of a sudden, in the next room, I got slaughtered horribly. It's definitely not a bad game, just ok. Like the review said.

  19. aj yeyeye says:

    my favorite game of all time!

  20. The major issues I rather had with the game was the repetitive nature of the gameplay, the tedious feeling from the rules of each room, and the odd spikes in difficulty the game tends to have (usually due to cursed mummies, or the reaper).  Its a horrible feeling to have when you can get to a seemingly empty room for the first time, and can almost instantly predict what kind of encounters you will have in it and the rules you have to endure.  "Oh gee, I see plenty of weapons scattered about, guess it will be skeletons and the no weapon rule again.  Haven't done that in…  two rooms.  These objects released dizzy reaper and additional time…  Yet another timed event."  The fighting controls feel completely unintuitive for a beat-em-up, especially when you have a meter weapon (meaning any of the special weapons that use a meter that refills) and wish to do a regular hit due to the weapon being overused at the moment.  The only reason why I played as much of the game as I did, was that I was playing with some friends and we would trade off playing it while ripping on how bad it was.  The only positive thing that could be said about the game is that it can be enjoyed in short bursts

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