CGR Undertow – AUDITORIUM HD for PS3 Video Game Review

Classic Game Room presents a video game review of AUDITORIUM HD for the PlayStation 3 (PS3). Auditorium HD is also on the iPhone, PC, PSP and Xbox 360 gaming platforms. This puzzle game is reviewed by CGR Undertow’s Derek.


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20 thoughts on “CGR Undertow – AUDITORIUM HD for PS3 Video Game Review”

  1. Calum Harris says:

    You guys are assholes, yeah the guy has a distinctive voice, but I wouldn't call it annoying. He's reviewing a game for us, which most of us searched for on purpose, just listen to what he has to say. I bet 99% of you wouldn't say it to his face, which tells me you're all just keyboard warriors. Personally I think that was a great review. I'm getting the game! Thanks CGRundertow!

  2. Shadowhybya says:

    i saw it was $0.99 to day maybe its a dlc but idk :)

  3. sounds almost like the marlton guy from black ops 2 zombies lol

  4. MrLazynko says:

    100 years old internet game and they want pay for it 😀

  5. Sarys says:

    I am not always an asshole but here we go… fuck you bro get a gag ball, you annoying shit. I had to turn it off before you ruin the game. I was seconds from not trying it out, and still I am not sure if I'm gonna play it now.

  6. lol have you seen him yet?

  7. Klaus Welch says:

    Thumbs up if the guys voice sounds like comedian Ralphy May.

  8. JJtoob says:

    seven bucks now on Steam

  9. PurpleGoo says:

    what an androgynous voice :[

  10. Ian Flynn says:

    Speaking of enjoyable experiences with the volume muted..

  11. Everyone at cgr is indeed my friend except you, you grease dance game loving queer looking like a broke ass kid rock

  12. @dontreadmyusername0 I block all ads, have fun watching them buddy.

  13. veldross1 says:


    Yeah that was before it got so big and used by business and mediums through commercials you fucking idiot.

  14. @veldross1 you do know that youtube used to NOT pop in fucking ads..i do fucking hope you know that you dumb piece of shit.

  15. @veldross1 it's all good, im using an ad blocker..have fun staring at an advert dumbass..

  16. veldross1 says:


    Without ads you'd be PAYING to watch videos and music videos on youtube you moron.

  17. Naruga418 says:

    It's currently $5 on the PSN now.

  18. I love this game. Got it the day it came out on the PSN and played it straight through. I wouldn't say it's the best game ever or anything but the gameplay is quite fun and overall I thought it was well worth the $10

  19. @fieldbuck it would probobly make the gam ten times better haha

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