CGR Undertow – ALIEN BREED 2: ASSAULT for Xbox 360 Video Game Review

Classic Game Room presents a CGR Undertow video game review of ALIEN BREED 2 ASSAULT for the Xbox 360, a downloadable game for Xbox Live XBLA. This video game review contains video gameplay footage and commentary of ALIEN BREED 2 ASSAULT for the Xbox 360.


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20 thoughts on “CGR Undertow – ALIEN BREED 2: ASSAULT for Xbox 360 Video Game Review”

  1. gumdeo says:

    Team 17 still kicking ass.

  2. What!? Xbox 360 owners got co op Campaign? That's cool. Us PC gamers must of gotten three exclusive co op missions then instead.

  3. amir mero says:

    ازي اسطب العبه عندي انا نزلتها ممكن مساعده

  4. FluffballCo says:

    Thats because its almost excatly the same game. Only difference is the story and a few more features.

  5. Jamie W says:

    Downloading number 2 now as its in the EU PSN sale. Hope its worth it.

  6. First of all, this game should not have been remade. I played amiga version many years ago and the atorsphere is so differente. It is like you make remake of PSYCHO. THe same effect. better graphics but lesser soul of the game

  7. wow this game looks like alien breed is this related to the game or what?

  8. ProblmSolvd says:

    @TheAxeFish Ive got tf2 DAW killing floor and 1-2 others, and im honestly done now that ive got alien breed 2
    they chose rewards for games that most people dont own, and a few for games everyone owns
    the games only $5, but meh free is free

  9. TheAxeFish says:

    @ProblmSolvd I don't even own most of the games teh rewards are for. Only TF2 and Portal 2 😛 but I guess you're right.

  10. ProblmSolvd says:

    @TheAxeFish its a free game, and its the ONLY free game on offer for this event
    so yea make it your first purchase

    the maps and gear you can get for other games isnt impressive
    the helmet in DAW2 is just a suit for the main hero (ONLY him and ONLY in multiplayer, no TLS)
    i guess the characters for killing floor are ok, but most of the rewards suck

  11. TheAxeFish says:

    You can get this game fo free on steam now for 3 tickets. Should I get it?

  12. TEAM 17… but who remember …

  13. dex_lacroy says:


    LoL! Reminds me of video games…

  14. valtttu says:

    Episode 1 kicks ass. This one looks even better!

  15. Dear Ray,
    I can't believe how awful you are. You are the worst game reviewer on the interwebs. I'm keeping this short because I can't stand hearing your voice while I type. Please stop doing reviews.

    Thank You

  16. PhyA52 says:

    No footage of the multiplayer mode?

  17. looks like alien swarm

  18. Reminds me of Alien Breed 1

  19. this looks like alien swarm on steam

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