Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Review (360/PS3)

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow serves as a reboot for the long-running franchise, or, at the very least, a new storyline to run parallel to the series’ primary canon. The game’s story is light and told through simple cut scenes that bookend the levels, but is competent and serves as an interesting prologue for things to come in this new thread.

Lords of Shadow is combat heavy, and comparison’s to Sony’s God of War franchise have been made. The observation is apt, though like God of War itself, Castlevania borrows just as much from games like Rygar: The Legendary Adventures and its own predecessor, Lament of Innocence. Developer Mercury Steam likely took a look at God of War during development, but worrying about which game “stole” from which is a fruitless discussion. Lords of Shadow probably owes more of a debt to Shadow of the Colossus; the Titan boss fights are pretty much ripped off wholesale.

While there is some interesting platforming, and the odd puzzle that feels a bit…


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