Borderlands IGN Review Xbox 360 PS3

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20 thoughts on “Borderlands IGN Review Xbox 360 PS3”

  1. jetlag51 says:

    if thats an educated guess, read for an hour a day, cuz you need help

  2. oh i went split screen with a friend i was brick and friend was lilith. and i raped her

  3. jetlag51 says:

    wtf does sports have to do with the leap test? and you say i shud get an edcation

  4. jetlag51 says:

    it also has better animations and multiplayer, i own both, but i definitely prefer borderlands

  5. jetlag51 says:

    me and 30other people just went on a field trp because we all scored all mastery or advanced on the leap test, so, rpect other peoples opinions, get smart, and go screw yourself

  6. jetlag51 says:

    i have a right to my opinion

  7. jetlag51 says:

    i dont like badcompany that much, but its pretty cool i guess

  8. @jetlag51 what about bad company 2?

  9. jetlag51 says:

    if your not sure, you should rent it, the rest from there is your choice

  10. jetlag51 says:

    this game is the second greatest shooter yet, first being modernwarfare 2

  11. its great, just know that on the PS3 the voice chat doesn't really work, not sure about 360, the Gearbox forums should help you out, Split Screen Co op is great and so is the Download content(haha I sound like a gearbox employee)

  12. superidiocy says:

    so want this game, think im gettin for christmas

  13. love this game, cannont, willnot stop playing it

  14. brick rapes in duels but i'd say they're all pretty equal besides that

  15. rent brutal legend and buy borderlands, ive just recently beaten both and i gotta say borderlands takes the cake

  16. This game looks amazing but idk if I should get this or brutal legend. Please help

  17. eddy says:

    buy whatever, all of us dont care.

  18. its still 2player splitscreen dude

  19. Alien X says:

    coltenfart98 – there is a pvp option too =)

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