Borderlands 2 PC Game Review – 5 Years Later

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Borderlands 2 is an open world, action role-playing first-person shooter video game developed by Gearbox Software and published by 2K Games. It is the second game in the Borderlands series and the sequel to 2009’s Borderlands. The game was released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and OS X on September 18, 2012. It was ported to the PlayStation Vita on May 13, 2014, and released for Linux on September 30, 2014.

As with the first game, Borderlands 2 allows players to complete a campaign consisting of central quests and optional side-missions as one of four treasure seekers, “Vault Hunters”, on the planet Pandora. Key gameplay features from the original game, such as online…


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20 thoughts on “Borderlands 2 PC Game Review – 5 Years Later”

  1. AyyMatto says:

    Uh Oh, you said Maya The Mechromancer and told Tiny Tina to go fuck herself, here come the triggered fanboys.

    Arm yourselves Sonny Jims, we're going to war

  2. Fire Thief says:

    Do more of these 5 years later PC game reviews please!

  3. Gruff says:

    it's weird because i always find myself on my level 72 characters just farming guns and shit to go farm more guns and shit. it's so weird how i love this game so much since there isn't much else to do after you're done with the quests and Easter eggs.

  4. gast128 says:

    The first Borderlands was a pleasant surprise for me so I had high hopes for its sequel. Indeed the game improves in graphics and has richer maps, story and content. It also removed some of the annoyances like automatic money pickup; map display during gameplay and the vehicle fighting is better. All improvements except for the shooting. It seems that most guns in Borderlands 2 don't shoot straight; have too few ammo or combinations which don't work out. Overall I enjoyed the shooting in Borderlands 1 more than in this one. Therefore I would prefer Borderlands 1 over 2 since shooting is about 98% of the gameplay.

  5. Mr. Harmuzad says:

    Mmmm no, I completely disagree with this review.

  6. I know people will hate me but i really couldnt play borderland for a reason, the ARTSTYLE. I have found myself getting extremely annoyed after a while when playing this colorful fantasy like FPS games. First because i HATE the looting in a campain, second because elements like fire-ice-acid are fantasy RPG thing and third because i love militaristic style fps and realistic looking gun (futuristic is fine but it needs to be a plausible future). For all those reasons i really cant play things like battleborn, overwatch, borderlands and above all else DESTINY (i hate everything in that game, seriously, everything) whitout cringe and pain.

  7. Matthew Coon says:

    Creates one of the greatest villains in gaming history "Lackluster writing"

  8. Joe Garcia says:

    Why are you talking shit about forced comedy you are not very funny yourself and seems as though you force your own jokes

  9. Fluidity says:

    "Maya" The Mechromancer fuck you make a video that you dont fuck up in and never tell tiny tina to go fuck herself YOU FUCKING DEGEN GET REPORTED AND DISLIKED ON YOUR FUCK SPASTIC THATS A KID U RETARD!!!!

  10. Praveen says:

    Hey ggman!! What's a sunny Jim and will you be reviewing the Tales of Borderlands?

  11. i like this game alot and yes, the 'le epic meymeys ecks dee' can be obnoxious sometimes, but other than that i think the game is still one of the best games ive played. I agree with you on some of the writing parts, but i didnt mind the stereotypical charactertypes in the game too much, like with lilith being a bitch and roland being dry, cause its kind of part of the fun seing these stereotypes in such an over the top game. Handsome Jack is still one of the best villains, simply because of his complexity. On the point of 99% of the guns being garbage, it is a diablo style fps with loot and all that stuff and i dont think any rpg has alot of weapons that are useful to you.

    All in all, i agree with some of the criticism you have toward the game but on others i have to disagree. Still, very nice video, keep it up, proud of you.

  12. The dollar FPS version of Mad Max….
    I still find it overrated and boring.

  13. Nanashi says:

    None of your reviews are reviews. Their just summary.

  14. KaiserAfini says:

    I never thought you would review this. But then again, you were also not a fan of The Darkness 2 and still gave it a shot. I think its pretty awesome that you gave these games a second chance, looked at them with fresh eyes.

  15. don't worry g. they will still be remastering skyrim 20 years down the line.

  16. DM Baha' says:

    watching this makes me wanna do a 1 life run for old times sake !

  17. Joe Sherman says:

    the only part i don't agree with is your opinion of the character krieg the psycho, well i only partially disagree. In the earlier levels krieg is one of the hardest characters to play, since most of his kit is designed to be used at level 61. But once you reach level 31 and unlock his melee tree top skill, his fun becomes a little more apparent as you are able to permanently stay in rampage mode. Or if you want to break the game go into his gun tree and get the most powerful skill in the game, something that makes moneyshot look balanced. Bloodsplosion, because being able to multiplicatively increase damage and pretty much being able to one shot a raid boss is balanced. Well in some situations, in most others it's a fun unique skill that you once again build your character around.
    That also brings up one of the biggest ups and downs of borderlands 2, as a person with around 5k hours i think i can speak of this subject. Most classes are build heavily around a single skill, like sniper zero is build around critical ascension or salvator is built around moneyshot. That leads to a very restrictive play style at maxed level. But the main problem is at around level 20ish, for certain characters which heavily depend on their end of tree skill the game gets tougher and less rewarding. like with krieg who super heavily depends on his later game skills or (if you are playing hell born) lots of points in certain skills, you will not have that much fun in the start of the game.
    Along the point of restrictive play styles, let's look at gaige. the mechromancer that is a one trick pony at every level except the lowest. Anarchy is practically the only build that is useful and then you have the end of the tree skills be pretty much completely useless and the death from above skill is pretty much a straight downgrade. You can technically build shock gaige, but unless you are running sham fleet then you would do better off just matching elemental types to the enemy. I know it's been released for a long time and i doubt anything more will be released (though the patch and rebalance that happened last was a huge surprise) i still hope they end up making gaige a character that is more than just a one trick pony. especially since the game is all about variety.
    Also #buffmoneyshot

  18. MrBoBoTom says:

    Alright, gets way boring before the end though.

  19. Kobe Beyan says:

    Tiny Tena is awesome!!! the kind of daughter that if you got that call from the principal about her blowing up the science lab you just feel proud

  20. Banjo34 says:

    People ten years from now are still gonna understand arrow-to-the-knee jokes because Bethesda can't go a year without a skyrim remaster being thrown at the masses.

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