Body And Brain Connection part 1 of 2 720P gameplay Xbox 360 Kinect

720P gameplay sample of Body and Brain Connection for the Xbox 360 Kinect. This is by the same people who made Brain Age for the Nintendo DS and 3DS and is inspired by Dr. Ryuta Kawashima. I got it on sale for $10 at the Microsoft Store so go to the website and get it! 😀

0:00 Traffic Control. 1:45 Off the Radar. 4:23 Strike a Pose. 6:06 Which is Bigger? 7:18 Flag Frenzy. There are a lot more puzzles than I’m showing. These are the exercises at the easy difficulty. This game is a lot of fun if you like to think quickly on your feet. Surprisingly, having to use your whole body actually makes the puzzles a little tougher than on the DS. Sometimes I see and want to choose the left answer but somehow my body goes to choose the right answer! Weird!

for another sample video, check out:


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5 thoughts on “Body And Brain Connection part 1 of 2 720P gameplay Xbox 360 Kinect”

  1. TrollCopter says:

    The only Xbox game I ever liked playing. And I loved it. Really cool stuff.

  2. Yassin Salem says:

    name of the game please

  3. @onlysubslime sweet, can you do a campaign let's play of co-op or single player on your free time?

  4. onlysublime says:

    I have Halo Wars. No BF3…

  5. @onlysubslime do you have battlefield 3 or halo wars?

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