Best PC Game 2017? ~ Mirage 21:9 Review ~ Performance, Gameplay, Thoughts

Greetings everyone! Been super busy this holiday with a plethora of things to get through although I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to talk about this game. This is Mirage Arcane Warfare, a fantastic First Person Melee Combat game. It is immensely satisfying, enriched with detail and damn good fun.

In this review, I cover the basics of the game, in its current BETA build, the performance and gameplay aspects of the game and whether I think it’s worth it or not. This video is also in 21:9 for those with ultrawide monitors as I believe it could really appeal to that audience.

The developers gave me a few BETA keys to give to you guys, winners for the keys and winner for the game giveaway will be announced next video. Enjoy the video

Website :

Buy Mirage Arcane Warfare! :

Mordhau Gameplays…


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20 thoughts on “Best PC Game 2017? ~ Mirage 21:9 Review ~ Performance, Gameplay, Thoughts”

  1. Avatart says:

    great game! but I found that there was a lack of players and a lack of servers hosted near me

  2. mario's cat says:

    True story: my mum once bought somthing at waitrose she then continued telling everyone how opulent she is, silly bugger XD

  3. In all honesty, the game is visually impressive and the style of gameplay is badass. I have not played it, but i would like to give it a try in the future.

  4. wird klap says:

    It looks like a really cool game and the fov is so crazy! i have a 180hz monitor so it would be cool if i could play that game :)

  5. Fat cunt fucking tryte, if you stopped eating you would solve world hunger but dont, keep eating fuck the niggers

  6. Xizo says:

    looks cool me want copy pls

  7. Avatart says:

    Where do you get your daily dose of memes? I use kmlkmljkl…

  8. Blu3 Sk1es says:

    helloo im wolphy from gta :)

  9. Joeri says:

    That game looks to superior for my opulent.

  10. Jokah LP says:

    I like it.. I just want to be sure if I can run it with my potato

  11. Brick Master says:

    If I was opulent, I would not care about the free game keys. Glad to see some varied content on the channel. Since the last few vids have been about the scorpio killer, I am happy to see some software rather than hardware. Not to say that I didn't like your build of course.

  12. HowieMatey says:

    you should have way more views and subscribers

  13. Johny G. says:

    This looks awesome. I loved chivalry but what i hated was that you could just play at 60 hz and that sucks if you have more. and the bugs but mirage looks more opulent and I think it's going to be very nice. I'm hyped 😀

  14. Xiph says:

    Gimme your cummies daddie

  15. MrKaywe says:

    This game loooks amazing and opulent xD
    I really want to play it 😀

  16. opulent, obstentatiously rich and luxurious or lavish

  17. i don't know about the game but it really looks fun
    the opulent comfort of playing game

  18. d a v e says:

    Game looks great,but the animations need a little work! Can't wait to see it up :)

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