Battlefield 3 Premium Review – Is it worth it? PC, XBOX & PS3

A review on Battlefield 3’s Premium service, In the vid, i’ll show and dicuss with you all the various features and extras you get if you choose to buy this great add on for Battlefield 3.

Premium saves you lots of money as well as giving you much more than just DLC.


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20 thoughts on “Battlefield 3 Premium Review – Is it worth it? PC, XBOX & PS3”

  1. o3er clan says:

    gameshare premium withe me plz or give me a premium code plz

  2. im buying it today on PC Origin Sale!! 15$ For Premium!

  3. yeah, its all in the price :)

  4. So if i get premium I get all expansion packs for free

  5. iwozima says:

    I want this for my PS3 :( I can't buy it

  6. g00bi says:

    Thanks man good review 😀

  7. If you buy premium then all DLC is included, both past and future DLC's. So yeah effectively free once you buy premium as you have pre paid for it. It works out that you pay less for the DLC's and get the extras for free added on top :)

  8. Dwight penny says:

    can you put premium on your cloud storage device? thnks nice vid btw.

  9. Boskabouterr says:

    do you got ALL those stuff with preminum ??

  10. Thats a fair comment, and i did think that would happen alot when DICE brought out Premium. There is the fact you get each expansion 2 weeks early per DLC though, and the double XP events, but if your not that fussed about double XP then theres not much there unless you plan to play quite a lot. I'm wondering if they will drop the price after each DLC is released now… time will tell :)

  11. NKHayman says:

    i was looking at premium, but i opted out as; i already have B2K and CQ so its actually £5 cheaper to buy all the pack individually, plus im getting MOH:WF and i love MOH so i doubt ill really play the last 2 expansions…

  12. teamCClemon says:

    if you think about it.premium is really like a pre order for the expansion packs like in the original battlefields

  13. LiamGod says:

    cool :) just looking for a descent sever to play on :)

  14. Usually yeah, but just off abroad for the week, will get it up and running when I get back :)

  15. LiamGod says:

    do you have your own server ?

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