15 Worst Xbox 360 Games of All Time [Final]

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Ranking the worst xbox 360 video games of all time. These are the lowest-rated x360 releases that receive very low review scores from both gamers and critics.

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Credits to motdef for his Ride to Retribution video. Watch it here: https://goo.gl/QHS6WV


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20 thoughts on “15 Worst Xbox 360 Games of All Time [Final]”

  1. Shin_Gojira says:

    What's the plays score for Far Cry 3?

  2. terry kohut says:

    wheres brink that game sucks.

  3. I though sonic 06 is the game on Xbox 360 is a worst game ever

  4. RAZ alKOOL says:

    Why is Skyrim not on this list?

  5. I'm ashamed to say that I maxed out Pimp My Ride.

  6. Lolguy Lp says:

    Dieser schlapschwanz

  7. damnation is lretty cool imo

  8. I don't know about how historically accurate the Battle for the Pacific was but when you have Battlefield 1, which is more than propaganda historically speaking that score good points, I think the true reason might only be bad gameplay…

  9. sedad tahir says:

    i want the best games

  10. good thing i have Double Dragon Neon instead of D.D.II

  11. I just watched this video to see what games not to buy in and at any cause😂😂😂😂

  12. Boo sonic 06 was not on this list

  13. Wow, 2009 had some awful games

  14. sai balu says:

    Want play score for watchdogs

  15. jim gordon says:

    3.49 is your lowest play score? that's an insane scale.

  16. Dave B says:

    you didn't need to mention Paul Walker's death in order to get the point across that the fast and furious game sucked.BTW most of these games were rated 4.99 or 4.46…go ahead give them a 5 for crying out loud! it's not like it's gonna suck anymore that it does .

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