15 Worst Video Game Escort Missions

From a dog that turns into the hulk to useless NPCs that run into walls we count 15 of the worst NPCs we’ve ever had the pleasure of escorting
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20 thoughts on “15 Worst Video Game Escort Missions”

  1. Rob Burgess says:

    Those Demolition Troopers from Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. Not in standard gameplay, but when you're trying to get the credit for not letting a single one die.

  2. Lucky Akira says:

    Game developers love making escort missions.

  3. The last of us was one long escort mission but it's still loved. There's still hope lol

  4. Ameniaz says:

    Mystery Dungeon Escort Missions! Worst Thing ever.. >.<

  5. I actually like Bioshock's Little sister and will always escort them. Surprised that Resident Evil 4 wasn't on this list though.

  6. Trevor S says:

    Resident Evil 4 is basically just one giant escort mission. Ashley is fucking autistic.

  7. The one in The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess when you have to escort a horse carriage and there's bomb bird pterodactyl things dropping explosives which scares the living shit out of the fucking horse and goes in circles. I rage quited 6 months ago.

  8. Carrying cameraman Jeff in uncharted 2. you only have a pistol and he gets killed right afterwords

  9. if only trump was as suicidal as #10

  10. Se Mk says:

    I dont know about you, but when I drop my babies they stop crying. Thats the whole reason to drop them right? Sweet concussive scilence

  11. You forgot the 2 worst escort missions of all time:

    Resident Evil 4 and The Last of Us

  12. Pikagirl 187 says:

    No princess Minnie from Kingdom Hearts 2? Like really XD

  13. your voice is as annoying as every escort mission

  14. Direscraft says:

    "This won't take long… YEAH BULLSHIT"
    How I feel about all escort missions..

  15. Hooded Wolf says:

    The read dead redemption one is easy and I don't use my guns

  16. evan grimes says:

    What about Ruto from loz oot (that insensitive little girl (Why you love me alone carry me again bitch))

  17. Kino Mea says:

    * Cringes at the mention of MH4U egg quests, my right eye twitches as flashbacks now haunt my mind * …. The agony! The Horror! DX

  18. To top off the number one. the monsters are 3 times stronger in egg missions. So that makes it take even longer then a normal fight.

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